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Digital measuring tools have become staples on virtually all modern construction sites. They usually offer superior accuracy and convenience compared to nondigital options. Whether you intend to improve the collection of products at your disposal or want to give a great gift to a construction professional in your life, these are some items not to overlook.

Calculated Industries DigiRoller Plus III 6575

This measuring wheel lets you make calculations without limits. You can receive output information in the most appropriate format for any project because the product measures up to 9,999,999 feet, yards, meters or inches. You can see the measurements in imperial or metric units.

The handle-mounted controls include a seven-digit backlit display for easy visibility while working. The wheel’s buttons are even specially designed for better user-friendliness while wearing gloves.

The wheel folds to half its size and includes a backpack-style carrying bag. That makes it extremely portable whether you bring it to a different part of a construction site or a project in a neighboring county. The two-year warranty also provides welcome peace of mind.

This wheel also has plenty of versatility. Obtain circle calculations for a circular wall's area, circumference, volume or surface area. Press a button to switch between using the wheel to determine lengths, widths, area and perimeter. Expect this product to quickly become one of your most-used digital measuring tools, especially due to how much it can do for you.

ikeGPS Spike

People use digital solutions on construction sites with increasing frequency. Fall alert systems tell nearby workers about distressed colleagues. Many pieces of heavy equipment also have sensors that collect digital data and send it to databases for later review. Those setups help professionals spot faults they might otherwise miss.

The connectivity often extends to digital measuring tools. The ikeGPS Spike is a good example since it has an accompanying app. Spike is an in-field laser-measuring solution that operates via Bluetooth for real-time output. You can also upload the data to the cloud for free, then access the information from any internet-enabled device.

Spike offers a laser rangefinder accuracy of ±5 centimeters and an operating range of up to 650 feet. Those specifics help you avoid rework incidents and provide excellent access to harder-to-reach areas.

Select from JPG, scaled JPG, PDF, XML and KMZ for your output options, making it easier to choose the format most appropriate for you and your collaborators. You can also do even more with Spike by exploring the available integrations, which include Esri’s Survey123 and Autodesk’s AutoCAD.

Teledyne FLIR Extech MO290

The Extech MO290 is a psychrometer with a built-in infrared thermometer. It’s a helpful tool on any construction project involving mold remediation or any other instance where people may want to measure moisture levels to determine the need for proactive measures.

Use the pin moisture probe to detect wetness at depths of approximately 1 inch. Alternatively, try the nondestructive pinless option to find moisture at depths of three-quarters of an inch.

Multiple alert methods help you confirm the extent of a problem. Beeping noises get faster as wetness levels increase, and the display icons show you if a property has high, medium or low moisture content.

The infrared thermometer offers a noncontact method of getting surface temperature readings. Between the thermometer and psychrometer, you can get data related to relative humidity, air

temperature, grains per pound, dew point vapor pressure and the condensation point.

This product works on multiple wood types and other common building materials, so it’s a perpetually handy resource. The included 9-volt battery and case let you immediately start using it.

eTape16 Max Digital Tape Measure

A roundup of digital measuring tools would not be complete without the trusty tape measure.

This model has an impressive battery life enabling 64 hours of nonstop use. It also has an auto-shutoff feature, stopping you from accidentally leaving it on during a busy day at the construction site.

Select to measure in metric, imperial or decimal units. You can convert from one of those options to another using the handy integrated buttons. The inside/outside measurement feature allows you to calculate distance-related specifics from the front or back, ensuring this digital device is not part of measurements into a corner.

This digital measuring tape also has a dual-memory feature that can store two measurements for later retrieval. This functionality boosts productivity and accuracy, preventing people from repeating measurements after forgetting the first ones.

The blue, backlit display on this streamlined device makes it easier to see the readings. Choose from three colors to suit your preferences or match the look of your other tools.

Feel More Confident With These Digital Measuring Tools

The construction industry relies heavily on precise measurements rather than visual estimates. Consider investing in these tools to get work done faster and show you take pride in your trade. Otherwise, if you’re buying for a construction worker you know, anticipate their delight and gratitude for your thoughtfulness.

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