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  • GreenCalc™ is Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool that tracks and quantifies all financial and environmental data, related to packaging and logistics in customers' supply chains, empowering action towards a better tomorrow.
  • Since 2021, Nefab has completed over 3000 GreenCalc™ analyses, assisting its customers in reducing, on average, 31% of CO2 eq equivalent emissions and achieving 20% financial savings.
  • By 2030, Nefab's ambition is to save 10 million CO2 eq emissions in customers' supply chains. 

Jönköping, Sweden, July 17, 2023 – Nefab, a leading global industrial packaging and logistics services company, is presenting its advanced digital tool for identifying CO2 eq emissions and cost savings in supply chains. By analyzing the total lifecycle of your packaging solutions, GreenCalc™ supports the global demand for optimizing transport efficiency and driving sustainable supply chains.

“Since its introduction, GreenCalc™ has helped thousands of businesses understand their packaging impact, lower their environmental footprint and total costs and driven improvements to create savings in line with various sustainability goals”, says Oliver de Guitaut, EVP Technology and Portfolio, Nefab Group.


Reducing the materials and resources needed to design and ship packaging is one of the proven ways businesses can generate savings while minimizing their environmental footprint. GreenCalc™ is a perfect tool for that as it identifies potential CO2 eq and cost savings of a packaging solution using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). As a result, the tool looks at the total lifecycle of packaging from the cradle to the grave, calculating the environmental impact for the production, transport, and end-of-life phases.

The tool allows Nefab to gather data about existing packaging and logistics flow. By measuring the emissions, waste, returnability, and different types of materials in all flows, Nefab can ensure that optimal conditions are met during packaging shipment. Through its dedicated Scope 3 GAIA dashboard, GreenCalc™ allows the customer to access their packaging and logistics environmental impact baseline but also monitor the impact of the improvement initiatives. 


Since 2021, Nefab completed over 3000 GreenCalc™ analyses, assisting its customers in reducing, on average, 31% tons of CO2 eq emissions over the entire life cycle of the packaging, including its production, transportation, and end-of-life. For example, by designing a packaging solution that enables the product to be stacked during transportation, Nefab’s customers were able to increase the load per truck, resulting in approximately 20% financial savings per year, in addition to CO2 eq savings. In fact, the latest version of GreenCalc™ can evaluate over 44 different packaging materials which allows to model almost any type of solution.

“Through a collaborative approach and together with our customers, our long-term ambition is to reduce supply chain emissions worldwide by 10 M tons by 2030”, summarizes Olivier de Guitaut.

If you want to learn more, download the e-book explaining how to save resources in supply chains.

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