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Analyzing the stories of companies that, regardless of the industry and times, in which they acted, achieved spectacular success, we can pacely conclude that the organizations, which have succeeded on the demanding, global market, have a lot in common.

After such a conclusion, we can easily propose a thesis that, in principle, it is enough to meet several conditions, thanks to which this success could be duplicated. First of all, one should have an innovative business idea, correctly locate a niche in the market, develop an effective strategy for development of the company and its products, and invest a sufficiently high capital. It seems fair to say that the responsibilities associated with the planned development of the organization, need to be delegated to carefully selected Employees. The company’s owners should also take care of the development of optimal procedures for all aspects of the organization’s activity, and then, in more or less dynamic way, concentrate on building the company’s strong reputation, probably through the formation of a partnership with reputable customers. Lets add a pinch of luck, few flashes of a creative genius and the priceless ability to draw correct conclusions, as well as the ability to prompt and effective response to emergencies and we have a ready recipe for a fast – growing, recognizable brand, marking highest quality products, well recognized and respected by millions of loyal Customers. Business practice, however, has usually little in common with the theory, and it very often turns out that the term „success”, simply refers to many years of hard work and skillful rising from the failures, of which no organization in the world is free. However, if we combine all these elements and add that they are just the result of titanic work, constantly oriented around better recognition of the changing needs of the Customer, then we will be able to understand the path to success not from a fairy tale for young managers, but from pure life. Ladies and Gentlemen, before You SECO/WARWICK S.A.

The history of the company
In 1989 a certain era in Poland has ended. An era of one – party government and state enterprizes. What has began, was the period of great political and economical change, which was expressed by, inter alia, a wave of privatization, which took organizations acting in all industries an regions of Poland. With the opening of our country to the influx of foreign capital also benefited owners of Trans – Vac, who in 1991 decided to start a joint – venture company with respected and recognizable for over one hundred years, American corporation SECO/WARWICK. That is how SECO/WARWICK S.A. was founded – an organization, which through a combination of invaluable know – how and the highest Western standards of quality, with many years of Polish experience in working in heavy industry, is moving towards a very dynamic development, and does not appear that, after nearly twenty years of its activity, the company was to lose its path. Such a conclusion is strongly supported by several key moments in the history of the company. This story is full of  multi – million dollar investment, covering both the acquisition of a number of globally operating companies, in order to broaden the intellectual potential of the company and the continuous modernization of its existing technology, machine park, the purchase of patents and expansions into new markets. On the 5th December 2007, the organization has its Warsaw Stock Exchange debut. Its new, wisely used capital, became a tool for further development. Thanks to another acquisition – this time by the Indian company Allied – Seco/Warwick expanded into dynamically growing Indian market. SECO/WARWICK Group today consists of nine company on three continents, managed by SECO/WARWICK S.A. in Świebodzin. Nowadays the Group is a world leader in the production of heat treatment furnaces for metals, and one of the most technologically advanced companies in the industry on a global scale.

The potential
“The highest quality products and services offered to achieve the full satisfaction of the Customer.” It can only be a slogan. But it may also be a reflection of the facts. In the case of SECO/WARWICK we are definitely dealing with the latter situation. This is illustrated by several solutions used in the company. The company attaches grat importance to the case of a competitive advantage in the area of latest technologies. The intelectual potential of the company’s R&D Department consists of not only the skills of Employees directly employed in it, but also cooperation with scientists, including engineers from Politechnika in Łódź. In addition, the company owns a treatment research facility, together with a metallography laboratory. Advanced laboratories in conjunction with, carried on constantly, research and development activity, gauarntee the possibility to implement modern, very often world – scale innovative, solutions. Another pillar of success of SECO/WARWICK S.A. is its, constantly broadened, assortment. The Group’s activities are oriented around the production of up to five different product groups: vacuum furnaces, aluminum heat exchanger brazing systems, aluminum heat treatment systems, atmospheric furnaces, heat vacuum metallurgy furnaces, and many other specialist devices. Sold in forty five countries, they are trusted and respected by the Customers, also because of comprehensive service and help, which They can expect from the company, starting from the stage of placing an order, which is fully tailored to individual needs and requirements of the Recipient, ending with the full package of after – sales service, which includes technical support, customer service, warranties etc. SECO/WARWICK’s equipment is used in various industries, including automotive industry, aviation, and the machine, equipment and aluminum metallurgy sectors. The Group carries out a business cooperation with organization, which do not need to be furtherly presented. Among the Customers of the company, we can find such brands as Bosch, Siemens, Valeo, General Electric, Honeywell, Ford, Volkswagen, or Rolls Royce. Iti is also worth adding that the series of Certificates guard the best standards of the company’s quality management system. The company has implemented in 1999 a Quality Management System based on a PN ISO 9001:1996 standard, and in 2005, this document has been expanded on the principles of the Internal Control System. At present, this system is responsible for maintaining highest quality standards in the area of design, production, installation and sale of industrial furnaces. Successfully recertified every year, extremely harsh system, ensures that every Customer can be confident when it comes to the quality of all the most important processes occurring in the production company, which manufactures equipment for the most demanding. The equipment, which can not fail.

Globalization favors the development and expansion of the best. Further barriers slowing the development of multinational corporations fall, increasing the list of potential suppliers, discovering new markets, offering new opportunities for investment. If only the organization will maintain the highest standards of production and customer service, will gradually expand its product range and gain more confidence of other powerful institutional Customers, SECO/WARWICK S.A. probably will find its story in the textbooks. But not for young managers. These textbooks will deal with the real business practice. 

Written by Jacek Głowacki

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