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Thanks to continuous improvement of products, application of modern technologies and support of French partners, Sorelpol – a company specializing in the production of trailers for passenger cars – has become one of the largest manufacturers of its type in Poland.

Proper management and adequate investment decision brought the company to a point where its annual production includes several thousand of trailers. What is more, majority of the manufactures are exported to foreign countries.  
Written by Aleksandra Strojek

Development and outlook for the future 

The establishment of the company dates back to the end of 1990. What the company focused on at the very beginning of its business operations, was development of production capacity. The goal was reached, what allowed the enterprise to significantly extend its production plant. The reconstruction took place in the year 2000 and just one year later Sorelpol launched its products on the Polish market. At the current moment Sorelpol is part of a French group Trigano, which includes various companies from eight countries, among them United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain. The business of Trigano is organized around two families of products: leisure vehicles (motor caravans, caravans, mobile homes and accessories) and leisure equipment (trailers, camping equipment and garden equipment). Sorelpol and its manufactures represent the second product group of Trigano. Affiliation with the international leader is undoubtedly one of the strategic potentials of the company. Trigano’s strong brand portfolio, solid financial structure and organisation based on independent business units covering the whole of Europe, make it and its member companies key players in the markets they represent. Furthermore, they allow for an in-depth knowledge of various European markets. Future growth of Sorelpol lies also in its extended know-how and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. The ambition of the company is to maintain the leader position on the market of trailers manufacturing. In order to achieve this goal, the company wants to incessantly adapt its product portfolio to the needs of the customers as well as to keep up with their quality and price expectations. Other priorities are to strengthen Sorelpol’s position on the European markets, extend its technical potential as well as deepen the knowledge of the manufacturing process.

Light trailers, spare parts…

In Poland the trailers of Sorelpol are sold under the brand Neptun and Duuo. All manufactures of Neptun and Duuo brand have been officially certified by the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure. Due to that, it is possible to register them right after their purchase, without the necessity of additional technical examinations. The enterprise provides constant availability and wide selection of spare parts to all of its trailers.

Sorelpol’s light cargo trailer offer includes the following categories:

- City series – designed for carrying various types of cargo, recommended for city traffic, with openable rear sides, rubber rollers absorbing shocks while driving and lights built into rear panel, which guarantee protection against mechanical damage,  
- Pratik series – adequate for carrying various types of cargo, with floor made of waterproof plywood with antislip layer, holders protecting cargo against moving about during haulage as well as six function lights built into rear panel, 
- Uni series – which give the users enhanced functionality, with floor made of zinc-coated metal plate, tilting open load-carrying body allowing unloading of cargo with no need to release towing hook and openable front and rear sides,
- Pro series – characterized by enhanced functionality and durability, suitable for heavy duty operation, with the possibility to dismantle all sides and use the trailer as a platform, 
- Multi series – due to ramps facilitating going onto and leaving the platform by a vehicle, this series of trailers is appropriate for carrying gardening equipment and smaller vehicles like quads,  
- Moto series – designed for motorcycle lovers, with rails and holders allowing fastening and protection of the motorcycle,  
- Navy series – designed for carrying boats, equipped with 2 regulated side-supports, easily dismantable rear panel and a jockey wheel with a clamp. Thanks to the application of sliding tow bar and real panel, the length of the cargo compartment may be regulated from 3.5 to 5.5 m, 
- Trailwood series – universal trailers for carrying various types of cargo, with ladder rack and side rails. 

Majority of the above mentioned series are available in various models. They differ in the maximum gross weight and payload, the external dimensions as well as the dimensions of the internal box, number of axles or size of tyres. Next to that, Sorelpol’s trailers are equipped with a number of innovative and functional solutions, e.g. torsional axis suspension and option of vertical storage of the trailer.

…and accessories

Next to the light trailers offer, Sorelpol delivers to its customers a wide range of accessories that allow to adapt each Neptun trailer to clients’ individual needs, thus increasing its applications. The most popular accessories of Sorelpol include:

- universal trailer-based luggage compartment,
- flat canvas cover,
- canvas cover with supporting structure,
- jockey wheel,
- spare wheel,
- side extension framework,
- spare wheel side holder,
- trailer top,
- wire mesh trailer top. 

The retail sale of trailers, accessories and spare parts is carried out exclusively via authorised distributors. As their list is rather extended, it is not difficult to find one in the neighbourbood.

Quality is in the brand
At the current moment Neptun light trailers are the most important product of the company. The wide offer of the brand allows the enterprise not only to participate but also to dominate in most market segments. In fact, the company wants to be associated with the Neptun brand and is assured that the brand stands for good quality at reasonable price. Reasons behind the acknowledgement of the customers and the popularity of Sorelpol’s products include wide availability of the manufactures. It derives from partnership-based cooperation with the contractors, quick reaction to the changing requirements and needs of the clientele as well as top-quality post-sale service.

A look on HR and environment policy 

To keep up with rapid growth and face new challenges, Sorelpol pays a lot of attention to its human capital and employment policy. It allows the company to surround itself with the best professionals in all the areas in which it is involved. Nowadays, the company employs around 130 people and intends to increase this figure along with growing demand for its products. Due to involvement of the company in an international venture, the enterprise possesses branches in various parts of the world. It gives the employees of Sorelpol the possibility of developing their skills according to international standards. It is also an opportunity to exchange experience with colleagues from abroad. Solid organization of the enterprise and its stable financial situation mean safety and continuity of employment for those who identify with the company and engage in its undertakings. Effective cooperation with trade unions as well as direct relations between the management board and the personnel cause that the work atmosphere is fine and contacts between individual employees are based on mutual respect and willingness to help. The other area in which the enterprise does fine, is environment. Nature conservation and respect for the environment are among the fundamental values which form Sorelpol’s corporate culture. It is necessary to mention that these values are inextricably bound up with the business activity of the company and its offer, which includes products for outdoor leisure. The ecological policy of the company is based on reduction of waste and its appropriate utilization. Furthermore, the company is in active cooperation with the local municipal authorities and together with its business partners works on the development of new, more environmentally friendly production methods. A part of those actions and undertakings results from growing legal requirements in the area of environment. The solid basis of the company together with its dynamic development figures and care for natural surrounding have been perceived by Puls Biznesu, a prestigious Polish daily. The newspaper distinguished Sorelpol in its competition Gazele Biznesu (Business Gazelles) for solid and honest relations with contractors as well as dynamic growth and financial results.

Economy favours the plans

The last five years have been very favourable for Sorelpol and other companies of its trade. Within that time, the Polish market of light trailers has been showing an upward trend in the sales figures. It has been connected with a general well-being of the economy. A crucial novelty has been the occurrence of new market players, i.e. large retail chains, and the development of new market segments which have not existed before. The company managed to face those challenges thanks to incessant market monitoring and quick adaptation to the changes in customers’ needs and distribution methods. Since the economic outlooks for Sorelpol are fine and its characteristics allow for growth, the plans of the enterprise include further expansion. First and foremost the company wants to develop cooperation with retail chains of the most significant European markets. It will result in doubling the production capacity in the upcoming years.





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