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26th June 2012. Budapest / Hungary - A strategic agreement for three years, valued at 75 million EUR was signed by Waberer’s International Zrt. and AB Electrolux. The document on the continuation and expansion of the two companies’ nearly three decade long relationship was singed today in Budapest by György Wáberer, chairman and CEO and Fredrik Nergell, Logistics & Spares Purchasing Director EMEA - AB Electrolux.


According to the agreement Waberer’s will remain Electrolux’s largest road freight provider, whose fleet completes most of the European commissions. Waberer’s truck-trailers, additionally to transporting the appliances manufactured in the Lehel Refrigerator factory in Jászberény and in Nyíregyháza to the markets of the European Union, complete the freights between Electrolux’s German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, French, Finnish and British destinations.

Relating to the signing, Fredrik Nergell explained: ‘Electrolux is taking the next evolutionary step in the long-term relationship with Waberer’s. We now have a firm commitment from Waberer’s to challenge our current logistics and actively help us improve our performance in the years to come. We are very excited about the service level that the expertise of Waberer’s can bring to our business. We are convinced this will bring value to both our companies instead of the traditional haggle over tariff each year that always have a loser in the end’.


György Wáberer, chairman and CEO, regarding the agreement pointed out, that this third long-term agreement was signed by two stable companies with unbroken advancements, strong foundations in the market amidst Europe’s fragile economic environment. The experts of the two companies have traditionally explored the solutions together to the quickly changing market conditions. ‘The agreement, beneficial to both parties was built on a close and successful working relationship and mutual trust through the decades.  To further these, our unique freight technologies, Waberer’s Optimum Solution’s entire capacities are serving the refined need of Electrolux’.

Ferenc Lajkó, Deputy CEO of Waberer’s International Zrt. highlighted that, in the logistic sector long-term agreements are highly unlikely. ‘Electrolux is one of those partners of Waberer’s, with whom we have traditions. We transport 25000 full truck loads annually, to 6 markets of Europe, and our truck-trailers complete around 30 million kilometers with the merchandise of Electrolux.  As a result within the next three years we will service Electrolux with an even broader services palette to even higher standards.’

According to the efficiency cooperation the two parties will quarterly review the turnovers, the methods of the completed freight commissions and will find solutions to downsizing the logistics spending with the newest freight methods.

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