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Trolleybuses, trams and electrobuses for urban routes are produced by one of the leading electric transport manufacturers in the CIS – OJSC Holding Management Company «Belkommunmash». Urban eco-friendly electric transport becomes more convenient and popular in many countries around the world.

Today Belorussian vehicles can be found in more than 40 cities of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Latvia, Serbia, Mongolia, Colombia and Argentina. Belkommunmash’s marketing strategy is aimed at meeting customers’ needs to the fullest extent. That is why each of trolleybuses, trams or electrobuses is manufactured in accordance with individual technical specifications.

Mileage of success
In 1973 a new Minsk tram and trolleybus repair factory was established on the map of Minsk, today it is called OJSC Holding Management Company “Belkommunmash”. And although it is still cannot be considered as an industrial giant, the work of the factory nevertheless has always been very important for the economy: the plant was designed to give a “second life” to the electric transport of the capital, as well as other cities of the Byelorussian SSR. One year later, the repair of first trolley became the basis for the development of production capacity, and its accumulation was carried out with the help of series of measures such as technical re-equipment and reconstruction, improvement of work organization, the introduction of new technological processes. By 1978, the number of refurbished machines reached 1000 units. In total, during the company’s history more than 7000 trams and trolleybuses have been repaired. In 1994 the first new Belarusian trolleybus was represented. 100 units of this means of transport were produced in one year. And in 2000 the enterprise began mass production of the most famous and popular trolleybus model designed by “Belkommunmash” - model 321, which since that time has been modified several times and developed according to market trends. It is a three-door trolleybus with ideally checked parameters. The best solution for being used in cities. Compact and ergonomic, with high flexibility, mobility and exploitation indexes. Ramp and kneeling system reduce time periods spent on getting in and getting out, providing comfortable boarding for passengers with pushchairs, physically challenged and elderly people. This model of trolleybuses is unique and safe due to the allocation of power equipment on the roof in hermetic compartments. In 2000 the enterprise also released its first tram. Throughout its history “Belkommunmash” produced more than 3.6 million units of trolleybuses, more than 500 trams left the assembly line. Today “Belkommunmash” is a strong team of about 900 people. Production capacity of the enterprise allows to produce more than 350 units per year. In 2016 “Belkommunmash” officially presented and launched the production of a such a vehicle as electrobus, which due to the absence of harmful emissions, low noise levels and the usage of clean energy, is considered as “green” transport of the 21st century.

“Green” machines
Focusing on the development of the market of urban passenger transport in Europe and the CIS and moving towards “green” technologies, “Belkommunmash” got oriented to diversifying its product line and started manufacturing electrobuses. What is electrobus? It is an independent motor vehicle designed for carrying passengers, driven by a traction electric drive, the electric energy for which is accumulated in supercapacitors placed in the rear compartment of an electrobus. Such a system allows charging electrobuses for a short time in the final stopping points and run the route without the use of electrical overhead wiring. Electrobuses produced in Belarus are presented in two models - standard E420 and articulated E433.

Electrobus model Е420 “VITOVT ELECTRO”
It is two-axle low-floor type of vehicle equipped with supercapacitors, enabling electrobus to overcome the route and charge on the route terminals. Electrobus has an innovative design, contemporary body layout, comfortable interior and driver’s cab. It is equipped with an off-line run system based on supercapacitors, charging time is fitting into drivers’ breaks between trips. Air suspension allows facilitating the loading and unloading of the passengers with the restricted mobility. Easy-to-change external cover made of composite materials. If talking about technical features, it is definitely worth to mention, that electrobus model Е420 “VITOVT ELECTRO” has airy, bright and clear interior design adaptable to customer requirements; excellent overview of the whole passenger compartment; internal cover made of plastic; 2+1 and 2+2 seating; partition between driver’s cab and passenger compartment is glazed, having a gap for ticket sales; high-performance heating; technical devices for physically challenged passengers. The electrobus is equipped with the following arrangements: a ramp for an easier entrance of passengers with wheelchairs; the system of body pitch (kneeling); a place for a wheelchair, a special system for its fixation and special seats for physically challenged passengers. There are also some optional features installed on the customer’s request: full air-conditioning for the entire vehicle by means of three separate air-conditioning units; conductor seat and heating for conductor area if requested by the customer; visual and acoustic passenger information system; automatic central lubrication system; fire suppression system; GPS; power meter.

Electrobus model Е433
It is three-axle low-floor articulated type of vehicle, equipped with supercapacitors, enabling it to overcome the route off-line, charging on the route terminals. It is also fitted with a diesel driven generator for operation without an overhead line. The use of CAN bus technology facilitates monitoring and diagnostics of the technical condition of the electrobus. Our latest model provides providing aid to physically challenged people, including a folding ramp. This modern electrobus is designed in a neoclassical style and combines technical and ergonomic benefits. The VITOVT MAX ELECTRO is a real-life example of how functional material combinations packed in a fresh design can undoubtedly be a welcome addition to any cityscape. There are some similarities and differences in TECHNICAL FEATURES, comparing to previous model: E433 is also airy, bright and clear interior design adaptable to customer requirements, but has neoclassical exterior design; extended usable area thanks to greater distance between axles 1 and 2; excellent overview of the entire passenger compartment thanks to wide corridor connections; 2+1 or 2+2 seating if requested by the customer, in rows or opposite to each other; visual and acoustic passenger information system; easy-to-change external cover made of composite materials; internal cover is also made of composite materials, full air-conditioning for the entire vehicle by means of three separate air-conditioning units; high-performance heating; partition between driver’s cab and passenger compartment is glazed, having a gap for ticket sales; equipment for PRM: wheelchair space with seat-belt option as well as driver alert function, manually foldable boarding ramp, seats reserved for PRM; kneeling and electronic floor-height stabilization system. When it comes to optional features installed on the customer’s request, there is fire protection system based on customer requirements; conductor seat and heating for conductor area if requested by the customer, video monitoring, storage and readout of data based on valid statutory regulations of the customer, rear axle drive and control with air-cooled IGBT-converters; CAN-Bus-control and diagnostics; remote data transfer; GPS and power meter. By the way, European countries long ago come to the conclusion that the electric bus is one of the most promising directions of development of urban passenger transport, which should be maneuver and environmentally friendly, with regards to increased gas pollution of urban air, frequent traffic jams on the roads impossible to avoid a barrier on the route of public transport. Modern eco-friendly transportation to the center and tourist destinations will help to improve the image of the city and promote the use of public transport.

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