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What is the “Krakow Metropolis 2030”?

“Krakow Metropolis 2030” is the name of the supra-local strategy adopted in December 2021, by the Krakow Metropolis Association. These are documents setting out the objectives of cooperation between Krakow and 14 neighbouring municipalities which together form the Krakow Functional Area. This is a pioneering initiative on a Polish scale, which in the perspective of the next 8 years is to ensure stable and sustainable growth of the metropolitan area.

Why did the Krakow Metropolis municipalities decide to adopt the Strategy?

So far, cooperation between the member municipalities has shown very good effects of joint action and measurable benefits related to the successive increase of the area's potential, including its economic potential. The very need to set new objectives for cooperation arose from a number of factors related to current situation and the reality both at a global and strictly national level. The hard-to-estimate consequences related to the coronavirus pandemic or new opportunities related to the implementation of the European Union's financial perspective for 2021-2027 are huge challenges for the Krakow Metropolis.

On the basis of these relationships, the “Krakow Metropolis 2030” strategy was developed, setting out the main objectives within seven areas of cooperation. These areas are to define the activities within the designated key areas and among the assigned objectives we can find provisions on intelligent management, climate neutrality and the environment, ecological and efficient mobility, innovative and competitive economy, free time culture as well as education and social services.

Conclusions from the economy-related diagnosis

Pursuant to the analysis of the data collected during the two-year process of developing the Strategy, challenges were identified that require joint strategic decisions and implementation of supra-local projects by municipalities associated in Krakow Metropolis.
Within the economic field, areas where opportunities for increasing potential through enhanced cooperation have been identified can be separated into:

- increasing the degree of using the relational capital between partners from the sectors of science, business and local government as well as full use of intellectual and business potential within the given areas,

- equalization of the economic potential between individual municipalities and Krakow - the centre of the Metropolis, and also strengthening the innovative potential within the Krakow Metropolis,

- increasing the quality, availability and quantity of large investment areas, the deficit of which is currently one of the most limiting factors for economic potential.

- increased economic activity in terms of the local labour market.

What are the benefits to potential investors of adopting the strategy?

From the point of view of a potential investor, both foreign and domestic entrepreneur, pursuit of the objectives set out in the Strategy practically guarantees making the Krakow Metropolis an innovative and highly competitive economic centre not only in the country but also in the context of leading European centres. The expected results will not only help to achieve the objectives of the Strategy, but will also provide potential investors with specific tools useful in the process of making decisions about new investments

  • Proper investment areas / Increase in the number of investors / High quality of investor services

In the case of investment areas, not only do we get an increase in the offer of those for business activities, but also an improvement in their accessibility and, in the long term, better management of them. Additionally we can count on improved investor service in the Krakow Metropolis including not only support but also post-investment care.

  • Economic brand of the Krakow Metropolis / Growth in the number of business entities / Availability of qualified staff

Through an appropriate investment policy we want to ensure that the Krakow Metropolis is perceived as a well-established and competitive economic centre on a European and global scale. Potential building will require the ever-increasing availability of skilled and competent staff as well as improved availability of human capital. At the same time, in order to maintain sufficiently high economic competitiveness, the development of local specializations and the sector of micro, small and medium enterprises will take place.

  • Cooperation of self-government - universities - business / Growth of R&D projects

Ensured close cooperation between local government, science and business without which the development of the economy based on local resources and potentials will not be possible. Consequently it guarantees effective inter-sectoral cooperation and appropriately quick reactions to the problems and economic phenomena occurring in the Krakow Metropolis.

All this makes it worthwhile to think about investing in the Krakow Metropolis right now. Want to learn more. Go to the website:

This article was written as part of the project: Krakow Metropolitan Area for Business, financed from the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority Axis 3 "Entrepreneurial Małopolska", Measure 3.3 "Internationalisation of the Małopolska economy", Sub-measure 3.3.1 "Economic promotion of Małopolska"

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