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The quality of the products and service they offer to their Customers reflects their commitment. Their strength is quality. Their potency is service. Their name is Hempel. This company is rooted in the work, creativity and commitment of each and every one of their workers.

These last, in particular, have been crucial in their development. Bonded to a job effort where human ingenuity, briskness and inventiveness are poured everyday, many people have contributed to make today’s Hempel. This experience helps them face the futures’ challenges convincing us that by keeping the promise they made ninety five years ago they establish direction to their effort: manufacturing products of the highest quality and offering the best service to their Customers.

Hempel’s ideas. Your personal success
The Hempel Group was established in 1915 by Mr. J C Hempel whose motto was: “Quality and Service”, which is still the hallmark of the Hempel’s Group. Over the years both content and understanding have been adjusted to meet changing market demands. Hempel operates within several strategic segments. These include marine paints, protective coatings, container coatings, decorative paints and yacht paints. At the heart of Hempel’s research and development success are many fields of expertise. They range from coating systems for containers, rail cars, wind turbines, pipelines, ships, oil and gas terminals, refineries, and bridges, through to shopprimers for newly prepared steel. Hempel’s strength in paint technology includes protection against corrosion during the period of storage, fabrication and construction. For this specific purpose Hempel has developed a competitive high performance range of both solvent and water-borne shopprimer products. For container coatings Hempel has developed coatings with lower VOC (Volatile Organic Content), carbon tetrachloride-free chlorinated rubber paints and water-borne systems. Each of those examples prove how formulations are able to withstand extreme weather, while offering superior performance properties such as adhesion to various substrates, durability and fade resistance.

One Hempel- everywhere
HEMPEL Poland has been a key component of the HEMPEL worldwide organization. The Hempel’s brand had been already known in the interwar period (from 1987) but only three months ago was announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility near Buk, Poland. Now the Polish plant helps meet increasing coatings demand across Europe. The opening of the new plant in Poznań area took place at the ceremony presided over by Hempel CEO Pierre-Yves Jullien and was attended by such guests as the Danish ambassador in Poland Hans Michael Kofoed- Hansen, members of the Hempel board, and other Hempel representatives. The 25-million-euro project was completed in nine months. The plant is capable of producing Hempel’s full range of coatings, has a total capacity of manufacturing 40 million liters a year, and can be expanded to supply 60 million liters a year if needed. The facility was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Program. As part of the deal, Hempel created at least 100 workplaces. In Jacob Gulmann’s opinion, the Hempel’s group vice president for Europe, Buk makes an ideal location for the plant, offering infrastructure and a location facilitating delivery of coatings quickly to customers throughout Europe, “we received excellent local support for the project, and we’re very pleased with the speed that it was completed,” Gulmann said. “The factory means we’re in an even better position to provide our protective, marine, decorative, and yacht customers in Europe with high-quality coatings.” The company said the site complies fully with all EU legislation on health, safety, and the environment. Systems designed to keep the working environment healthy for employees include ventilation that ensures the building is supplied with fresh air and an automatic materials-handling system that eliminates most of the strenuous manual work normally seen in the coatings industry. The factory is also reported to feature a design that decreases the impact on the environment. Today HEMPEL Poland has grown to meet the demands of its Customers. Their network of stock points, technical advisers, and sales professionals are strategically placed to ensure that they are always able to satisfy their customers with Quality and Service.

“Leader through quality”
No matter how ambitious their goals are, they continue to serve Customers individually, just as they always have. The products and services are a benchmark for excellence and quality, offered through their regional branch offices, all leaders in their own markets. Superior performance, expert advice and the most convenient service characterized by technical inspections and professional logistics management distinguish Hempel’s brands wherever they are sold. Their technical systems and resources continue to support commitment to ensure optimal product performance. The ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 certificates, ongoing investments in modern technologies have kept them at the forefront of new product development. It means that Hempel’s quality management system complies with the requirements of international and national laws and regulations. Continuous research and development enable them to offer coatings engineered to exceed the most stringent specifications. Each of Hempel’s products are able to withstand extreme weather, while offering superior performance properties such as adhesion to various substrates, durability and fade resistance. Their motto- “Leader through quality” means that managers and employees treat the quality as the absolute priority.

Hempel’s people. Your confidence
What builds Hempel’s brand’s power is their crew. Passionate about working closely with Customers, sharing knowledge, and providing thorough, responsive service, they embody their philosophy while guiding their daily operations with skill and quality. Hempel works to maintain the highest standard of quality employees. To achieve this, Hempel invests heavily in the training of all employees. The creativity, innovation, talent and commitment are among the attributes Hempel’s people apply to their work, and thus to the quality of products. Their passion and conscientiousness evident in all fields of the company, across their product brand, but most of all in the thousands of loyal Customers they serve every day. Over those years the Hempel’s company has established solid relationship with Customers in each of the market segments that they serve. They continue to respond to these specialized and demanding Customers by developing specific marketing strategies and products that they can rely on for the best possible results. The passion for superior performance encompasses the role they fulfill as a model corporate citizen. Throughout the history they’ve actively contributed to the communities in which they operate, protecting natural resources and supporting the variety of social programs. Treating every Customer as a partner to find out exactly what each market’s segment is looking for in their products, Hempel has given a new meaning to the word responsiveness. The company apply knowledge of these needs, along with cutting-edge technology, to create paint and coating formulations that satisfy Customer perfection, durability and beauty requirements. This ensures that their products reflect their commitment to innovation and technological leadership.

Hempel’s responsibility. Your safety
The main function of Hempel’s Health, Safety and Environment Department is to compile data on any health risks pertaining to paint raw materials. Using advanced computer systems, information on coatings is gathered and warning labels, transport classifications and safety data sheets are produced, in compliance with Danish, EU and World-wide regulation and legislation. The Health, Safety and Environment Department keeps in close contact with legislative authorities throughout the world and participates in a number of working groups within the Danish and EU Paintmakers Association. This co-operation makes it possible to support customers in areas such as handling of wet paint, application of paint and protective precautions. 

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