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Nichelcrom, a leading company in the marketing of stainless steel, is today an excellence for high technology and innovative materials.

Renewing in the wake of tradition is the high street of an Italian company that in the last fifty years has established itself as an international excellence in the world of steel. It is the story of Nichelcrom, founded in Milan in the 1960s by the entrepreneur Silvio Terruzzi in the wake of a great strategy: a huge stock of ribbons and sheets in all the qualities and thicknesses continuously replenished (which today stands at 55 thousand tons) , a complete machine pare for cutting to size and for processing, and the intuition - already in the 90s - to concentrate sales on foreign markets. Today Nichelcrom is a leading company in Europe in the marketing of stainless steel, it boasts the most modern industrial technologies and the widest range of stock availability products, spread over a covered area of over 40 thousand square meters. Sales volumes are around 40 thousand tons per year, with a turnover of 120 million euros in 2018 and growth forecasts for the current year.

“We started by treating a narrow range of ferritic and austenitic steel - said the current president, Vanda Terruzzi. Then, with the increase in sales, we introduced new qualities and decided to focus on the German market, where steel was particularly in demand thanks to the development of heavy industry “. From Germany the business of the company has extended to the rest of the continent (France, Spain, United Kingdom and all Northern Europe) to reach, in our days, a world market. The 1990s saw a growth of stainless steel and its applications grew in all sectors, from the mechanical industry to the food industry, from the pharmaceutical industry to the petrochemical sector. Nichelcrom takes this opportunity to specialize in these new markets, expanding the range of available qualities and the machine pare. “Starting from the belt flattening machines we moved on to obtaining semi-finished products, through highly specialized industrial technologies such as those for satin finishing from tape, scotch brite finishing or the production of strip coils and flat bars”. The disappearance in 2013 of the founder Silvio Terruzzi and the consequent corporate reorganization did not interfere with the development of the company that - despite the unfavorable international situation due to the collapse of raw materials in stock market and the entry of China into the market - has always recorded profits in over fifty years of activity. “The company strategy was to focus on increasingly valuable and diversified materials, for niche markets and emerging sectors - explains the commercial director, Matteo Buccianti -. We were among the first, for example, to have ‘253MA in stock ‘, a refractory material resistant to high temperatures, or the 254 SMO, indispensable for those devices that reduce polluting gases on maritime vehicles, required by the recent European Union regulations “.

In recent years, with the growth of business and sales, the company has further invested in technological development, acquiring two latest-generation machines. “The first is the ‘Fimi 16x2000mm leveling machine’ which, in addition to leveling and rewinding the tape, can brush it to remove surface impurities - continues Buccianti - It is currently the top of the range and represents an exclusive of Nichelcrom on the world market, in how much guarantees flexibility and a production capacity that has never been recorded to date (it can pave more than a thousand tons per month). The second, recently purchased, is the ‘IMEAS 5x2000mm’ machine, the first satin-finish machine that allows to obtain a scotch brite finish from a two-meter-wide ribbon “.

Continuous research into the potential of steel has led the company, in recent times, to develop even in new sectors such as architecture and interior design. With the “Nichelcrom Lab” brand, it launched on the market particularly fine and light steels, mirrored and colored in over twenty shades, from vermilion red to emerald green, from ultramarine blue to golden mirror. Materials of excellence that - thanks to the nanoceramic coating - are characterized by their easy cleaning and water-repellent, ecological and anti-bacterial properties. The coloring, in fact, is obtained by means of a non-polluting titanium technology. The “Nichelcrom Lab” brand was launched at the Milan Design Week 2019 with the presentation of a stand entirely in stainless steel, from non-slip floors to reflective walls, to the black mirror dining table, office desks and chaise lounges in colored steel and nanoceramic. The next events to see these new products up close and touch with hand, will be the Stainless Steel World Exhibition in Maastricht, the Maison & Objet Paris and, of course, the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2020.


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