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Dilis Cosmetic company was founded 20 years ago. Nowadays Dilis Cosmetic is a leading company in the Republic of Belarus producing perfumes. Each year in a company’s history is an important step forward in dynamic development.

Still, 2009 became a special year - French company Floressence S.A.S., being a producer of perfume compounds, became a shareholder of Dilis Cosmetic. For 20 years of Dilis Cosmetic presence on the Belarussian market the company has been improving its technology and products all the time and now it produces perfumes which comply to the European quality using the most state-of-the-art equipment. 

Since French producer has become Dilis Cosmetic’s shareholder, yet even higher standards and requirements have been set up. Dilis Cosmetic keeps improving its technology and now learns the experience from French partners. Dilis Cosmetic uses only French perfume compounds from famous producers such as F. Mane Fils, Floressence, Jean Niel, Argeville and others. All these producers, as well as S.A.S. Floressence are located in the world’s capital of perfume industry - in the French town of Grasse. Floressence mainly specializes in creating new perfume compounds having old production traditions, highly qualified perfumers, hi-tech laboratory, special machinery of new generation for creation and improvement of perfume compounds - all this contributes to stability of perfume formulas used in further production of perfumes, colognes and eau de toilettes. As markets become more and more competitive, Dilis Cosmetic does its best to strengthen its positions on the market and follow current market trends. Every year the company increases its production capacity by 20%.

Products that can make people happier
Main priority of Dilis Cosmetic is a customer, so the company produces the goods which would meet market expectations and requirements. Dilis Cosmetic chooses perfume compositions in a very thorough way - all perfume compounds are bought in France. In addition, Dilis Cosmetic pays special attention to packaging cooperating with leading European printing houses and producers of glass perfume flasks. The main company’s principle is to offer the highest quality at affordable price.

Dilis Cosmetic sees its main priorities in:
- achieving the highest possible quality of products; 
- offering wide product range to every taste - perfumes, eau de toilette, colognes, compositions of perfumes;
- using market-oriented approach to creation of new products taking into account preferences of consumers and trends in the world perfume market. 

Currently Dilis Cosmetic in cooperation with its partner S.A.S. Floressence produces more than 200 items of products. Each season the company presents new products to the market and improves the existing assortment. There are a few specific features of Dilis Cosmetic perfume products which are highly appreciated by Dilis Cosmetic customers and specialists in the fragrance industry. Dilis Cosmetic perfumes are characterized by multiple notes of fragrance, stability and nobility of scents. The content of fragrance compositions in all Dilis Cosmetic products comply to the highest French standards. Dilis Cosmetic respects its customers and does its best to bring them satisfaction with its perfume products. Dilis Cosmetic is oriented for long-term relations, not one-time sales, so it does its best to produce perfumes in such a way that if the customer buys Dilis Cosmetic products once, he or she becomes the regular buyer everafter. What makes Dilis Cosmetic proud most of all is a number of reliable clients which highly appreciate Dilis Cosmetic products and, as the company hopes, who were made at least a bit happier after buying its products.

Quality cannot be compromised
All Dilis Cosmetic products are certified according to the current requirements in force on the territory of Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. The company works according to multi-level management system STB ISO 9001-2001. All products are tested in a special laboratory equipped by the most state-of-the-art technologies. Very smooth system of order processing allows to fulfil orders without any delays. It is not a secret that in perfume production oriented on mass market the producer tries to save money both on packaging and on quality of fragrance. Dilis Cosmetic decided to follow another pathway and keeping quality of all perfumes on a high level has become a cornerstone. Dilis Cosmetic is determined to follow this principle despite anything in future. All the advantages mentioned above were highly appreciated not only by Belarussian customers but also by foreign ones. Nowadays Dilis Cosmetic ships 50% of all its products for export. For more than three years Dilis Cosmetic has been entering new markets and increases export supplies annually. Currently perfume products by Dilis Cosmetic are available in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Lithuania. Dilis Cosmetic plans to enter Western European markets in future. No achievements have been possible without a team of devoted professionals. People working at Dilis Cosmetic do their best to help company be a success even in unfavourable economic conditions. Currently Dilis Cosmetic employs nearly 300 people including those working in production division, sales department and other structural units.

Perfume for every taste
To meet requirements and expectation of the most sophisticated buyers Dilis Cosmetic analyzes current trends in the perfume world and follows the latest and the most interesting tendencies. For the last years Dilis Cosmetic has introduced a range of new products. To name a few of them: Atlantica, Extreme Sport lines for men; Japan line both for men and women. Atlantica perfume line was created in close cooperation with Alex David, a leader of Atlantica band, popular in Belarus and abroad. The line comprises three fragrances which reflect the mood of Atlantica band’s songs - a little bit cold, estrange and at the same time bright, full of passion and emotions. Perfume line for men called Extreme Sport consists of 6 modern, bright fragrances reflecting self-confidence and reliability. This is a line for men with active lifestyle. Perfume line Japan is a line of fragrances both for men and women - Early Spring for women and Early Spring for men, Silent Lake for women and Silent Lake for men. Dilis Cosmetic offers both classical fragrances and those more unconventional ones. Women perfumes and eau de toilettes are offered in small 7 ml flasks, and in 30, 50 and 90 ml flasks, while men perfume is sold in 75 or 100 ml flasks. Among other popular Dilis Cosmetic products it is worth mentioning such perfume lines as Dilis Classic Collection, La Vie, Le Charm, Cinema, Flowers. Men’s lines known in Belarus and abroad are the following: Classic Collection, Trophy, Hunt, La Vie, Cinema, Respect, 313.

Plans and new products
In the last few years both in Belarus and on other markets of Eastern Europe the culture of perfume consumption is improving. As a result, the structure of perfume market changes, and so Dilis Cosmetic follows the trends trying to be one step ahead of other producers. At the beginning of 2011 Dilis Cosmetic will present new bright and interesting perfume products for teenagers which no doubt will be able to compete with the products made by Western European producers. In addition, to be on top, Dilis Cosmetic is constantly searching for new forms of packaging for its products - for flasks, flask hoods, decoration, etc. In the season to come Dilis Cosmetic in cooperation with S.A.S. Floressence plans to surprise its clients with some new original ideas. Future plans of Dilis Cosmetic involve creation of distribution network in Western Europe. So, the company is interested in receiving offers of cooperation in this field of its activity.

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