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Kiwi Searches provides an easy-to-use background check service with multiple applications in both business and personal lives. This can range from learning more about new employees to easing anxieties about coworkers or new partners. But when are these details useful, and what can you discover about someone from a simple search?

In this article, we’ll discuss when the background search provided by can be useful, what to expect from using Kiwi Searches for free address search services, plus the benefits of their services over other avenues.

When Can Searching for a Person by Name Using Kiwi Searches be Useful?

When trying to find more about someone, there’s a number of situations when using Kiwi Searches can be useful. This is especially true when you know some details, but not all you require, about an individual. These instances include:

Family Matters

Using, you can discover maiden names or reconnect with an estranged family member, both of which would be useful when making a family tree. It can also help locate and contact absent fathers, adopted siblings and more.

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Relationship Matters

Date online with confidence by using a free address search or phone number search to check a potential partner’s legitimacy and steer clear of catfishing. Find old college friends and reignite old flames using phone numbers and last known addresses and keep known criminals away.

Employment Matters

Run a quick and easy background check on any potential employee using a free address search or fast search people on Keep known criminals out of your business and hire new employees without worry.

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What Information Does Kiwi Searches Provide?

How you use depends on the information you already have and what you’re searching for, but examples of things a free address search or fast search might offer include:

  • Aliases, including maiden names, prior identities and names changed by deed poll.
  • Relatives and Siblings, which can be used to find an estranged family.
  • Criminal Records and anything an individual was charged for.
  • Sexual Crimes and related convictions, jail time etc.
  • Declarations of Bankruptcy, debts and current status.
  • Liens and Judgements against an individual for lesser crimes.

Benefits of Using Kiwi Searches is an easy to access, free to use, and versatile tool for anyone trying to find, reconnect or learn more about their family and friends in anonymous confidence. Using these services, you can make informed decisions about who you associate with, hire and allow near your loved ones without getting stopped by a paywall.

The information you receive is up to date, inclusive and detailed, tailored to the information you want to know and enabled by any meagre amount of information you may already possess, all while being a surefire anonymous way to keep yourself secure.


Protect yourself against catfishing and phishing scams, safeguard your family and investments and socialize in confidence with detailed background searches, free address searches and more at; the first and only stop you’ll need to make learning about people online.

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