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Everel Founded in 1987 is the world-leading supplier of electromechanical components and solutions for household appliances and industrial equipment. Everel is also a well-known partner for automotive electromechanical components, designing and manufacturing custom products.

Especially for Manufacturing Journal extensive interview was given by
Mr. Thomaz Zobele - Board Member of Everel Group SpA.

Could you briefly present the company and the most important areas of its production?

Everel is a leader in the production and supply of electronic and electromechanical parts for the most celebrated household electrical appliance manufacturers and for the principal automobile producers.

Large and small household electrical appliances – this is our most important business area. Everel serves this market since more than 30 years with a never-ending innovation process. We continuously renovate and increase our offer of solutions and customized products for major, small and professional household appliances. Starting from design to production and distribution of switches, selectors, signal lights, motors and ventilation units, sub-assemblies, encoders, pressure switches. The company can provide, through its brands Molveno, Dreefs, Signal Lux, Giem, Mec-Tronic and Everel, a vast range of electrical parts for the household appliances sector, including switches, selectors, signal lights, motors, heating elements and customized solutions for oven ventilation. While maintaining its focus on electromechanical items, the group also invests in products with electronic content, such as encoders and PCBs.

Automotive Industry – this is another important application area for Everel. We manage the design and production of customized electromechanical parts for the vehicle’s cabin. We are proud to have as customers some of the most important producers of automotive parts, and some of the leading automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Other Markets – in addition to Eldom and Automotive, we serve also Heating and Ventilation (HVAC), Gardening and Outdoor, Healthcare. For each market we design, develop and distribute solutions and customized products.

Please tell us what made your company so successful and gained the trust of its customers?

Innovation, quality and efficiency are the core values with which Everel seeks to provide maximum customer-satisfaction and win the challenge of the world markets. A solid production tradition, constant quality research and constant attention to product and process innovation with dedicated investments in technology and automation: these are the key strengths that enable Everel to meet the most specific industry requirements with maximum efficiency and flexibility. Everel has been always able to build strong and productive partnership with its customers mainly because of its important commitment to following client’s requirements with flexibility and expertise. The capability to develop dedicated and custom-made solutions is an important benefit for those customers who choose Everel as their development partner. Listening to the clients and provide them with the right suggestions are the ingredients for a successful business;

Which strategies have proven to be the most useful over time?

Everel can provide its customers with a wide range of products and services in many different application fields: one of our distinctive features has always been understanding the importance of contamination between different application fields in order to propose similar solution for many different segments.

What are the exclusive elements that make your company unique from the point of view of design and production?

Everel’s strength is the flexibility and the capability to develop custom solutions tailored on client’s requirements and expectations. Thanks to our R&D long term experience in Electromechanical & Mechatronic solutions for White Goods, we are able to transfer our skills and product concepts also to new applications fields.

Please tell us about your company’s quality control system.

Quality is an essential highlight in Everel, which guides the offer starting from the project. Our target is to give the maximum satisfaction’s level to our customers, in terms of solution and service. Every component is previously tested in laboratory following the strict international standards in order to guarantee high performances and safety. All the used materials adopt RoHS 2011/65/UE standard related to the restriction of dangerous substances’ use and to the management of electric and electronic equipment waste. They are controlled also to guarantee the compliance to European standard (CE) 1907/2006 (REACH) applicable to our products. Everel Quality Management System is certified on the base of ISO9001:2008 standard and Automotive IATF 16949:2016 certification.

Please tell us about the size of your production and the number of people you employ in your company.

100 million components produced every year, 650 employees in the world, 6 consolidated brands, 3 production sites.

What were the new products and technological innovations introduced by your Research & Development department in the last period?

Everel R&D has been working mostly on the following aspects:

  • EC motors: expansion of the product range by developing new models able to cover new applications and performance enhancement of existing products, with particular respect to efficiency and flexibility of use.
  • Development of “mechatronic solutions” i.e. the Integration of electronic boards with electro-mechanical switches, in order to have a more refined user interface in place of a standard switch.
  • Continuous research on materials, in order to introduce more environmental – friendly polymers on Everel products.

Are you planning to launch any new products in the nearest future?

A new series of EC motors is planned for launch in the near future.

Are any eco-friendly solutions you have implemented in your company?

The optimization of the EC motors in terms of efficiency and performance allows also for an overall energy saving on the final application. Also, the use of new plastic materials with reduction of hazardous substances goes in the direction of a lower environmental impact.

Innovation, quality and efficiency are the core values with which Everel seeks to provide maximum customer-satisfaction and win the challenge of the world markets. Where are your main markets?

Our main markets are: Europe and Turkey.

Who are your most important customers right now?

We supply famous brands in household appliances.

What are the current market trends affecting your company?

The market of major and small appliances is increasingly moving towards the implementation of Electronic and Mechatronic solutions. Everel took up the challenge with a dedicated electronic team in its R&D department, but also developing skills in purchasing and production. Moreover a higher market competition has pushed Everel to design more customized solutions instead of the traditional electro-mechanicals products.

What are your plans for gaining new foreign markets?

Our market forces us to be present wherever there is a production of electronic and electrical components. The real challenges for Everel are to spread its proposal to new application fields such as HVAC, healthcare and Automotive and the adoption of new technologies.

In your opinion, how has the market in your country changed in comparison to other countries in last 5 years and in which direction those changes lead? Is your company ready to compete with the new tendencies on national and international market? Please tell our readers about the company’s international cooperation.

Everel has always been focused in an international context: Everel’s main customers are big multi-national players with different plants in many different Countries. We are used to sell our products all over the world thanks also to a branched and experienced sales network. Nevertheless, in last year’s we noticed a progressive delocalization of the production of small electrical appliances from Italy and Western Europe to those Countries with lower labour costs. At the same time in our Country the manufacturing of professional and “high-quality” equipment has been strengthened.

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