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Proinvest Group is a multiproduct company with multiple manufacturing facilities specialized in steel processing. It develops, manufactures and markets semifinished steel products, steel components and systems for construction, engineering and industry, from simple components for construction and up to tooling and precision mechanical components.

About Proinvest Group
Proinvest Group is a family business founded in 2000 whose main activity is steel processing. The company increased appreciation in a spirit of continuous improvement and experienced a strong and fast development as a result of diversification of activities in construction. Today with over 450 employees and an almost 30 million € turnover current production and sales program covers a very extensive range of steel solutions, from simple civil building materials and infrastructure components to precision components for machine tools industry. Proinvest Group Has 10 divisions: Proinvest Building Materials, Proinvest Building Systems, Proinvest Infrastructure, Proinvest Storage Systems, Proinvest Fasteners, Proinvest Special Profiles, Proinvest Chrome Plated, Proinvest Steel Services, Proinvest Tooling and Proinvest Mechanical Components.

High Quality Products
The Proinvest Group company’s products are the result of rich experience - a long-term investment performance, with an optimal report between quality and price. Current production and sales program covers a very extensive range of steel products, grouped by application and organized into several divisions, the most important being: building components, prefabricated building systems, storage systems, infrastructure solutions, siderurgical services, steel bodies and precision special profiles. High standards of works and their quality management are geared towards business excellence aimed at full control of details and long-term warranty. Proinvest Group has established and implemented the necessary measures simultaneously fulfilling requirements expressed in SR EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008.Through quality policy, the company is committed to respect and comply present and future requirements of the clients.

Proinvest Group understands and actively manages his responsibilities and opportunities, thereby contributing to sustainable development. Our aim is to achieve a harmonious balance between the business, environmental and social aims. Sustainability is fairness to future generations. All we accomplish should be done in a way that we can leave a livable world to the next generation.Development and innovation of our products are directed towards excellence and efficiency. We began to better understand and reduce the impact of our products and services throughout the life cycle, our activities focusing on topics that help to reduce the environmental impact of production processes, along with a decline costs. Business success of the Proinvest Group company is strongly dependent on the daily contribution of its workforce. Proinvest Group respect work and human rights. We have identified training and development as priority issues, and health and safety in order to offer secure jobs and to remain an attractive employer.

Latest Investments
Proinvest Group started a greenfield project for producing several types of sandwich panels in 2015. The investment totals EUR 10 million. The company completed the project’s first stage in February 2016, and the first production line has been put into operation following an investment of EUR 3 million. It has a production capacity of 1 million sqm per year. The company will complete the second stage in 2018, when it will put into operation a new production line. Proinvest Group has scheduled more than EUR 1 million budget for the development of new production facilities for its Building Materials division.Therefore, following almost half a million EUR investment the factory in Pascanu will soon start the production of gutters and downspouts. Next period will also witness the inauguration of a new production line, an investment of EUR 550,000, partly made with EU funds. In order to develop the range of components for the civil and industrial constructions market, Proinvest Group will also invest in a new production line for corrugated sheets, one for metal tiles and one for roof accessories. The new production lines are part of the investments plan, a plan including EUR 1.5 million for the diversification of its products range. Moreover, the company has scheduled the inauguration of a special profiles factory, an investment of EUR 3.5 million. In the same year 2015 Proinvest Group purchased Scudas, a famous factory from Romania with Tooling, Tool holders and Accessories tradition and founded two new divisions that designs, manufactures and markets mechanical precision parts for machinery, automotive and linear technique. This year, Proinvest Group has established the newest division specialized in production and distribution of hard chrome plated bars and tubes with a lot of appliances in hydraulic and pneumatic industry but also for automation.

Vision And Values
The strong commitment of Proinvest Group team, investment and innovation in technology, and inspiration offered by performances have favored business expansion, motivating to maintain a continuous process of improvement. Through social responsibility programs and actions that Proinvest Group supports, it want to contribute to community development and improved quality of life. In this regard, Proinvest Group company has a proactive attitude to continuously improve working conditions for employees, charitable acts and sponsorship areas such as education, culture, health and sports. Company’s Code of conduct is based on Proinvest Group’s care values corporate trustworthiness and to conduct business with integrity and in compliance with laws and existing regulations. These principles are and will continue to be reflected in Proinvest Group’s policies, decisions and actions.

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