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The financial crisis has turned upside down the relations between enterprises, representing both manufacturing and service industries and their environment, particularly in relation to the Consumer purchasing decisions.

Time of great prosperity, an endless spiral of consumption has passed forever, and Customers began to pay closer attention on the products they were choosing. Once again, even among the citizens of developed countries, the main incentive to purchase the product was the relation between its price and quality. This has forced many companies to change strategies. Some of them did not cope in the new reality, others have changed their area of business activity or extended into new sectors. But there are those companies that survived the financial crisis peacefully, because they enjoyed the trust of Consumers, offered the highest quality at a competitive price, knew how to receive market signals correctly and draw appropriate conclusions from them. Even despite the high level of competitiveness in the industry, were able not only to preserve their strong position, but even strenghtened. One of such companies is Eurocast Sp. z o.o. - a company that knows how to achieve success.

The History of the Company
Eurocast Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2002, as a twin – company of Europlastik Sp. z o.o. - an organization established by Italian owners, which area of activity was the process of metallization and distribution of films and paper. After the merger of two firms in 2007, the new company retained the name Eurocast, while Europlastik disappeared from the map of Polish enterpreneurs. Ten years of experience of the company has, however, remained, particularly in regard to the network of sales representatives, which has been built by Europlastik during a decade of its activity on the Polish market. In combination with years of experience in imlementing the latest technologies in production and modern procedures of business management the capital of the Italian investor, Eurocast Sp. z o.o. has grown rapidly in a very short time, which resulted in the largest investment in the company’s history, in 2008: a new production hall has been built, modern machinery for the production of blown PE film and another production line for the extrusion of CPP film were bought, which has greatly increased the range of the company’s products, thanks to which Eurocast Sp. z o.o. became one of Europe’s biggest experts in the field of manufacturing and metallization of materials for the production of packagings. Nowadays, Eurocast Sp. z o.o. consistenly implements the strategic plan of development, reaching up to 2015, its products reach the markets of all EU members, and even North Africa. Strzebielino near Wejherowo in the region of Pomerania becomes European capital city of packaging industry, let us therefore analyze in detail the most important elements of the company’s policy, through it has achieved success on the difficult and demanding packaging market.

First of all: the people. Technology just after.
Every modern organization is aware of the fact that its value in the first place depends on the level of Customers’ trust. To gain the trust of Recipients, particurarly at such a difficult market as the market of packagings, is Eurocast’s key objective and teh reason for the greatest satisfaction. Eurocast Sp. z o.o. is able convince Consumers to itself, thanks to the highest quality of offered products, which is the result of the effective work of the company’s Employees. Eurocast’s managers believe that a high level of effectiveness depends largely on the positive atmosphere in the company. Therefore, 165 Employees – the company’s greatest potential – can count on the full safety of working conditions, including non – financial dimension: the firm regularly organizes integratoin events for its Employees, implements an extensive training program, through which Employees can develop their competence, both in terms of hard and soft skills. The company also supports various initiativies of the Employees, in all areas of business activity. Eurocast Sp. z o.o. understands that the happiness of Employees depends not only on wages paid timely, and therefore implements solutions that are designed to achieve a very high overall level of job satisfaction. Perfectly prepared for their tasks Employees, in return work effectively, thanks to which Eurocast’s products may conquer new markets. Employees, though most important, would not be able to do much, even under the best possible HR management policy, if the had no support in modern technology. And in this aspect of activity, Eurocast Sp. z o.o. is really something to be proud of. Already in 2002, the organization, as the first in Poland, has purchased a production line for the extrusion of CPP film, which, just after four years of exploatation, has been replaced with the more advanced one. With the high performance of specialized equipment, implementation of the most advanced technology and the introduction of full computerization of production processes, Eurocast Sp. o.o. offers the most extensive product range in the industry. The company sets the trends in the packaging market in Poland and Europe, as evidenced by ongoing investment in the production of APET and PE/EVOH/PE films – the most technologically advanced products of the company, which are the future of the industry, while in Poland still gaining in popularity. At the moment, Eurocast Sp. z o.o. has four modern production lines, manufacturing different types of film with the method of extrusion, and its own research laboratory, controlling the quality of products and production processes 24 hours a day. Thanks to such a technological backup, the organization has great great perspectives for the future, especially because it does not stops developing, but implements a plan of investment and production for the next five years: the company wants to double the production capacity of APET film, greatly reduce manufacturing costs and implement solutions designed to reduce the cost of raw materials. The quality and reliability of the company products is the most important argument, encouraging Consumers to choose Eurocast’s films, however, the are much more factors, affecting the choice of a particualr product by the Consumer. One of them is the company’s image. Eurocast Sp. z o.o. is characterized with a high level of business acumen and therefore makes every effort to ensure that the organization’s development policy was a green policy as well. The company has introduced very strict procedures for the recycling of wastes. One should also pay attention to the importance of the issue of keeping in touch with Customer. Eurocast Sp. z o.o depends the direction of the company’s development on the information received from its Custumers, adjusts each order to their individual needs, constantly broadens the range of products and is characterized with professional procedures in the field of Customer service. Of course, maintaining the highest quality of offereed products and services is guarded by prestigious certificates, obtained by the company, including BRC Global Standard for Food – a certificate established to ensure suppliers’ compliance with the requirements and the ability of traders to quarantee the quality and safety of the food products they sale. The company has also implemented a HACCP system components, and since the 5th of April 2007, Eurocast Sp. z o.o. holds the “Food Safety Management System”, in accordance with the ISO 22000:2005 standard, certified by DNV Certification B.V. Thanks to the factors mentioned above, the company’s Customers can be sure that not only Eurocast’s products maintain the highest quality, but they have also a strong basis to locate their trust in the organization, knowing that Eurocast Sp. z o.o. is a rapidly growing company with creative ideas for the development, taking care of the Consumers’ well – being.

Eurocast Sp. z o.o. has undoubtedly excellent prospects for development. Consistently implemented business development plan based on maintaining very good relations with business customers, is the best possible policy than one could think of. The new investments allow to strenghten the company’s competitive position in the packaging market, constantly extended range of products and services guarantees expansion in the new markets and, soon perhaps, Eurocast Sp. z o.o. will be present worldwide. The high level of business acumen in the context of efforts to build the responsible and reliable image, seems to augur well for the future, especially because of the company’s environmental policy. The mixture of Italian experience in the implementation of procedures for production management and “know – how”, with Polish enterpreneurship, talent and determination, gives excellent results. Analyzing the activity of Eurocast Sp. z o.o., we can say with full responsibility that, although relatively young, the company may be put at as a model for other organizations in Poland, operating not only in the packaging industry. 

Written by Jacek Głowacki

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