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Kemira will invest in an expansion of facilities and a new reactor capable for multipurpose chemicals production at its Telêmaco Borba plant in the state of Paraná in the Southern Region of Brazil.

"With this two-year, multimillion euro  investment we want to support paper and board production in Brazil by rolling out new technologies. These state of the art technologies  for surface sizing, strength properties  and surface treatment  have been newly launched in Europe and in USA. Kemira will now be launching these in South America", says Hilton Casas, Kemira's head of South America's region.

"This investment supports Kemira's strategy to further strengthen its position as a key supplier of the pulp and paper chemicals in South America."

Kemira is one of the global leaders in the pulp and paper chemicals. The revenue of the Paper segment of Kemira amounts to approximately EUR 1,0 billion.

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