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UPM will permanently close down the Docelles paper mill in France. Employee information and consultation negotiations were completed on December 13, 2013 and Social Plan was approved by French authorities on January 13, 2014.  UPM offers support to employees in order to alleviate the effects caused by staff reductions in relation to the closing of the mill. The Docelles mill employs 161 people.

The plan of sale or other exit of the UPM Docelles mill was originally announced on 17 January 2013. It is part of UPM’s plan to adjust its graphic paper capacity and support operations to match the declining demand in Europe.
The production will cease by the end of January 2014. With the closure of the mill UPM will reduce a total of 160 000 tons of its fine paper capacity.

“UPM has been conducting an active search for a buyer which could offer a credible future for the mill. Unfortunately this search did not result in a binding, credible offer for the mill. However, UPM is still open to consider the sale of Docelles mill machinery and property,” says Petteri Kalela, Senior Vice President of UPM Paper ENA.

UPM booked  charges of EUR 25 million as special items in Q4/2013 operating profit related  to the restructuring  of the mill

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