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The question of how business can drive economic growth without increasing carbon emissions will be discussed by representatives from Nestlé, Bloomberg, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Nissan, among others, at a roundtable event on Thursday 12 September.

The  'Global Climate Forum', organised by the independent non-profit organisation CDP,will bring together experts from governments, and the private and public sector, to examine the challenges and opportunities presented to companies that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their operations.

The discussion will be webcast live on the CDP website from 10:00-11:30 CET tomorrow and can be followed on Twitter using the hashtag #CDPforum.

Profitable reduction
Nestlé Head of Group Control Juan Aranols will participate in the 90-minute roundtable, which will examine subjects such as how governments can encourage businesses to reduce carbon emissions profitably.
The event will also explore the role technology, alternative energy, and investment can play in enabling net or 'absolute' emissions reductions.

Successful methods
Nestlé has managed to halve the greenhouse gas emissions from its factories per tonne of product manufactured since 2002.

Last year, the company came first in the annual CDP indexes, which rank 500 global businesses on their efforts to cut carbon emissions.

The indexes measure a range of factors, including how companies incorporate climate change into their business plans, how they monitor emissions, their transparency, and actions they are taking to mitigate their impact.

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