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Scania Production Slupsk, in Poland, is issuing redundancy notices to 142
employees due to continued weak demand for buses and coaches for public
transport in the most important markets for Scania's fully-built buses in the
Omni range. Various support programmes have been developed in consultations
between the company and the trade unions that for instance will offer the
affected employees the possibility of early retirement and redundancy payment.
“The economic situation in our most important markets is showing no sign of
improvement, which means that we expect continued weak demand for public
transport buses in the coming year. Therefore, we have to adjust production to
significantly lower volume,” says Klas Dahlberg, Senior Vice President, Scania
Buses & Coaches.

The facility in Słupsk, with close to 700 employees, is the hub of Scania’s
European production of fully-built (bodied) buses for public transport. The
Scania OmniCity and OmniLink models are bodyworked here. Chassis for the Scania
OmniCity are also assembled in Słupsk. These chassis are also delivered to
other, independent bus bodybuilders in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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