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The food and meat processing business is one of the toughest, most demanding operations. Enormous demand forces companies to constantly operate at top capacity, while maintaining optimum quality of the final product. This is impossible to achieve without high-quality, efficient machinery. We have been in this business for many years and know how important it is to have top quality, reliable equipment. That is why our company is engaged in supplying such equipment to many companies throughout Europe. See for yourself what we have to offer.

New butcher machines

If you are looking for top quality equipment straight from the manufacturers, then you are in the right place. On our site you will find new equipment carefully selected to meet the highest standards. Such equipment will allow you to improve the operation of your production facility by increasing productivity. You will also ensure the comfort of your employees - the machines are easy to use and very safe.

Choose from a variety of high quality modern models from such renown manufacturers as Treif, Velati, Loma, Marel, Vemag or Handtmann. These are internationally recognized brands from companies that have been studying the market for many years and are well oriented in customer needs. We can also get you a specific model of the machine on request - we will help you get the machine from the manufacturer and mediate the entire purchasing process.

Used butcher machines

Thanks to constant observation, servicing and good storage conditions, the used food and meat processing equipment available in our assortment do not differ significantly in quality from new machines. Although the purchase of such equipment is a much cheaper solution, you will still ensure the operation of the device at top capacity for a long time. We do not buy machines with defects, worn out, and-out of date. We guarantee our customers only the best possible equipment. At the time of purchase, we assist in the installation, train employees in the operation of a specific machine, and provide advice on financing and obtaining grants and funds.

Whether you choose new or used equipment, we will provide you with a machine in excellent condition. Choose what type of equipment you are interested in and which meets your requirements. ERY Food Machinery offers vacuum stuffers, mixers, choppers, slicers vacuum tumblers, packers and many other devices designed for use in various catering establishments and facilities.

The machines available in our offer use the latest technological solutions and are made of the best available materials. This is top-of-the-line equipment from recognized manufacturers who have been in the business for many years and have vast experience in the industry. We supply equipment to many companies, catering establishments, restaurants and hotels throughout Europe, offering favorable financial conditions and professional customer service. Use ERY Food Machinery services now and enjoy superior performance – we encourage you to take a look at our full offer. 

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