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The Gunnebo Security Group has received a contract from the city of Haerbin in
north-east China, to install entrance control solutions for the new metro line
The order includes almost 350 metro flap gates, specially designed for high
volume and safe use in metro stations. The order will be produced in Gunnebo’s
Chinese factory in Kunshan and delivery will be carried out during the second
and third quarters of 2012.

“The market for infrastructure investments continues to expand rapidly in China,
and Gunnebo maintains its position as the market-leading supplier of entrance
control solutions to the Chinese metro sector,” says Per Borgvall, President and
CEO of the Gunnebo Security Group. “With our own production unit, which has been
up and running for just over a year now, we are able to live up to the tough
demands on delivery times for these kinds of projects, which further strengthens
our competitiveness.”

Gunnebo has already delivered entrance control solutions to eleven other Chinese
cities who have invested in metro systems. Currently, a further 24 are planning
to build new systems in the near future and get approval from the central

The gates that Gunnebo are successfully providing to the Chinese metro market
have a reputation for managing high throughput numbers, with proven reliability
and durability. The gates were initially designed for use in the KCRC metro
system in Hong Kong which created the regional benchmark, with subsequent
installations in Beijing, Shanghai and several other metro systems throughout

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