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Heijmans will be developing two projects under contract to Eindhoven Airport NV, namely the expansion of the terminal and the construction of a new 120-room hotel. Heijmans Non-residential Building will assume responsibility for all structural components. The value of the terminal contract is in excess of € 3 million; the hotel contract is worth approximately € 9 million.  


The logistics is an area that demands special attention particularly in view of the fact that the airport will remain in operation throughout the expansion and construction. To minimize inconvenience to users and passengers, a special phasing and contingency plan has been prepared in close collaboration with the client. A special aspect of the realisation of the hotel is the construction technique that will be used; the building will be constructed 13 metres above ground level. These projects represent a follow-up to Heijmans' collaboration with Eindhoven Airport, since Heijmans previously completed the construction of the new terminal.


In addition, Heijmans will be working on the new development and renovation of the living and care centre Jozefzorg/Satijnhof in Tilburg. The project will be carried out under contract to TBV Wonen and Stichting de Wever. The contract is valued at approximately € 14 million. The contract will take place in two phases. The first phase will be completed under contract to Stichting De Wever, an organization involved in providing care to the elderly. The second phase will be carried out under contract to the TBV Wonen housing cooperative and comprises the construction of 56 rental flats, a meeting space with a guest room, two bare rentable spaces and a parking garage containing 54 spaces. Work will commence at the end of 2011 and is expected to be completed early in 2013.

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