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Remanufacturing is of growing importance throughout the Asia-Pacific region as has been a subject of discussion in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) for nearly a decade. Remanufacturing is set to become a key component in creating more sustainable economies with greener industrial supply chains through recovering and reclaiming used parts and restoring them to a new-like condition, if not better. This is surely a great way to conserve energy and dwindling supplies of natural resources and can be applied to industries such as the manufacture of earth-moving and agricultural equipment, truck and automotive parts, medical equipment, office equipment, information and communications technology products, precision instruments, and machinery.

At the Asia-Pacific Reman Summit 2014, which is being held in Singapore, November 20-21, key players in the Asian remanufacturing industries will come together in order to map the course for reman’s development in the region. We will invite representatives from long since established reman institutions in the West such as the United States Agency International Development, University of Bayreuth and the Remanufacturing Industries Council. Officials from Asian institutions including the Korean Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia and the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology will also be invited to the event.

At the summit, Asian government officials and speakers from notable industry associations and organizations, alongside internationally and locally leading companies, will share with attendees their invaluable experiences and opinions on the Asian reman market. The summit will provide an effective platform on which participants can familiarize themselves with the market status quo, as well as government policies and regulations on the reman industry in order to gain better understanding of the market, thereby enabling them to optimize their thereby enabling them to optimize their development strategies in the region.

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