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ARPIMED LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in Armenia. The company is a pharmaceutical manufacturer of the new generation.

ARPIMED specializes in production of medicinal products, preventive and therapeutic agents, disinfectants and antiseptic solutions, diagnostic and cosmetic products. Established in 2001 ARPIMED was designed by the European specialists, today it is a company that follows modern trends and maintains the highest standards of quality and management. The company is committed to making its world class manufacturing facilities work in the best way. The long-term strategy of ARPIMED is to provide the population of Armenia and other countries with high quality, effective, safe and affordable medicinal products.

Highest quality standards
When it comes to medicines quality is the most important issue. Thanks to a full control over manufacturing environment and compliance with the strictest standards of hygiene, ARPIMED can safeguard medicines against contamination as well as protecting personnel from contact with chemical substances. From the very beginning ARPIMED LLC has devoted special attention to the quality of manufactured medicinal products. The plant was constructed in compliance with the current world requirements for pharmaceutical companies, and in 2005 year it has successfully passed certification process for the first time for both ISO 9001:2008 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Quality assurance system allows to keep a close eye on the three foundational principles of the GMP - documentation, identification, traceability. In order to ensure compliance with the international and European standards ARPIMED LLC has made many investments in upgrading its production facilities and installing the most modern technologies. The investments brought the company to a whole new level. Due to investment in the production lines production capacity of the enterprise has steadily increased each year. ARPIMED also re-equipped and re-built the quality control laboratory which allowed to increase quality assurance and contributed to introduction of higher manufacturing standards. The company received its first EU GMP certificate issued by SAUMP already in 2014. All manufacturing and laboratory equipments, as well as manufacturing processes, cleaning processes and analytical methods passed the qualification process conducted by ARPIMED LLC. The company has Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality Management International Standard (ISO 9001:2008) certificates issued accordingly by SMDC (Ukraine) and “TÜV Rheinland” (Germany). The quality control laboratory is fully equipped with high-precision analytical equipment from the world leaders, which allows full and adequate control in all stages of production. Laboratory activities are carried out according to the strict principles of International Quality Standards. Quality control department monitors every stage of production from selection of suppliers, thorough inspection of pre-delivery documentation, raw materials quality assessment at entrance, production process according to the GMP standards, quality control of finished products, further stability testing, verification according to the state inspection mechanisms.

The ARPIMED family
People are the main value and key resource of the company. The ARPIMED team is made of talented, competent and committed employees. Caring for employees and ensuring their professional growth is an essential part of the ARPIMED corporate culture. Every year the company invests significant resources to ensure safe working conditions for its employees. Today ARPIMED LLC employs more than 100 skilled specialists. Active development of the company makes it an attractive employer that offers many interesting job opportunities. The company is eager to promote personal and professional growth of employees. It provides good development opportunities, a modern working environment and competitive compensation. Employees have the opportunity to further develop their professional skills and knowledge through trainings offered by the company. Each employee, from a very simple-positioned worker up to highly qualified specialists, is meaningful and valued and plays a specific role in the company and keeping the quality at top level. This concept is supported by the whole personnel.

ARPIMED LLC started with manufacturing just 26 formulations. Today 71 pharmaceuticals produced by the company are registered abroad. Currently the product portfolio includes more than 150 medicinal products, 65% of which are included in the List of Essential Medicines of the Republic of Armenia, approved by WHO to ensure the safety and health of the population. The product range is constantly updated as new products are introduced to the market every year. ARPIMED’s main focus is production of primary medicines to meet the country’s emergency needs. The company became the most reliable source of such medicinal products by offering competitive costs. Therefore, the company successfully cooperates with public hospitals as it offers affordable pharmaceuticals across a wide array of therapeutic areas: cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, hepatology, pulmonology, allergology, endocrinology, anesthesiology, obstetrics, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, proctology, urology, nephrology and dermatology, and applies to the following important pharmacological groups: analgesics, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agents, antiprotozoal agents, antifungal agents, antiparasitic agents, vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, antiseptic agents, diagnostic agents and biologically active additives.

Export capacity
At the beginning the products were offered only on the local market and only in 2003 ARPIMED started exporting products to the CIS countries. ARPIMED has a network of distributors in the CIS countries and is planning to continue to grow the network. The company’s products are registered in the following countries: The Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Yemen. The company also plans to start contract manufacturing by offering GMP-compliant production area to the CIS customers.

Environmental safety
ARPIMED is a responsible manufacturer which cares for the environmental safety. The company has developed an ecological policy and timely invests in eco-friendly solutions. The last investment was directed at installation of solar panels which generate enough power to satisfy the company’s demand for energy and the excess is sold to the local power distribution system. The facilities are also equipped with solar water heaters. The company’s employees benefit from special green rest zones where they can relax during their lunch time. ARPIMED has contracts with government ecology institutions which specialize in industrial wastes processing and destruction. The company is strictly committed to regulations set for industrial waste disposal. ARPIMED’s success has been fueled by its relentless drive for innovation. The company managed to win the trust of customers thanks to professionalism, innovation, high quality of products and competitive prices. ARPIMED continues to invest in innovative technologies, quality management and manufacturing processes. Constantly evolving technologies and rigorous quality control are key factors, which impact the company’s market reputation and business growth.

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