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After two years of work, the new pulp line of CMPC Celulose Riograndense Ltda (CMPC) has been started-up according to schedule on May 3rd, 2015. The delivery agreement of the key technology for the new pulp line was signed by CMPC and Valmet in June 2013.

The new pulp line is an expansion to the existing Guaíba pulp mill in Rio Grande do Sul state, south of Brazil. The new line has a capacity of 1.3 million tonnes per year and can be upgraded to reach 1.5 million tonnes per year with minor investments. This is an addition to the existing capacity of the mill of 500,000 tons per year.

"Valmet's commitment was to deliver to CMPC sustainable technologies to create a world reference in efficiency and low environmental emissions. The mill is located very close to the city of Guaíba and one of the most important prerequisites was to minimize all possible impacts to the community. The project execution was a great success. This showcase demonstrates our capacity and competence to deliver a complete pulp plant in the right time and quality," says Celso Tacla, Valmet's Area President for South America.

Valmet's delivery in detail - best technologies for high yield and low operational costs

Valmet's delivery covered the main process islands of the pulp line, from the cooking plant to the bales that are shipped to final users, including the complete fiberline, pulp drying and baling, evaporation, recovery boiler, causticizing, lime kiln and an integrated automation solution and operator training simulator for all mill process areas. In addition, Valmet has also delivered a state-of-the-art non-condensable gas treatment system.

Valmet's solutions for the Guaíba project were based on the best technologies available. The capacity of the evaporation plant is the largest in operation in the world. The stationary cooler of the lime kiln brings significant savings in the fuel oil. The recovery boiler is designed for high power generation. The fiberline features industry-leading operational costs, combining high pulping yield, low chemical consumption and reduced water consumption with low effluent levels. The pulp dryer utilizes the most reliable technology to provide low steam consumption, and is equipped with high-speed baling lines.

Very good safety results at the construction phase

"We are pleased with the outstanding results in Health and Safety during the project. This sets a new benchmark for the industry. In the peak of construction Valmet had over 4,000 employees and contractor workers at the site. Since we had such a large amount of people on site and tight time schedule, safety was a top priority during the whole construction phase," says Francisco Gervasoni, Valmet's manager for Guaíba expansion project.

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