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Systemair AB (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: SYSR) has acquired the Air Handling Unit production from Kolektor koling d.o.o in Slovenia.

Kolektor koling is a company that is part of Kolektor group d.o.o. in Slovenia. The Air Handing Unit production is expected to have an annual turnover of MEUR 3 million. Systemair will take over seven employees and relocate the production into our factory in Maribor within six months.

The Air Handling Units range covers airflows from 500 m3/h to 80 000m3/h. The units can be used for different applications with customization, for example hospitals that demands units that are certified as hygiene Air Handling Units.

"With this step we will increase our sales volume and presence in the Balkan countries. We look forward to the opportunities that the design and implementation of this product range will give us in the region" says Roland Kasper, President and CEO for Systemair

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