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Ahlstrom, a global high performance fiber-based materials company, today launches Ahlstrom AceBladeTM, a new product for the wind energy market. AceBladeTM is an unidirectional glass fiber reinforcement with superior fatigue resistance and enhanced mechanical properties. The wind energy industry is facing a challenge of producing longer and lighter blades and patent-pending AceBladeTM addresses this market need. 

Ahlstrom AceBladeTM will deliver significant benefits for designers and manufacturers of wind turbine blades since it is a cost effective solution for vacuum infusion processes, with exceptional mechanical performance. The product enables manufacturers to lower raw material costs during blade manufacture. Exceptional resin flow properties minimize air voids and deliver optimized production costs. 

The launch of AceBladeTM alligns well with Ahlstrom's revised strategy. The company aims to grow with a high performance product offerings for a clean and healthy environment. Ahlstrom's strategy is built on three strong strategic enablers: environmentally sound technologies and manufacturing platforms, capability to co-create unique products together with customers and partners, and global reach in operations. AceBladeTM forms part of the market of Energy and Environment and delivers a product offering supporting environmentally sound technologies.

 AceBladeTM helps the customer to get the job of producing longer and lighter blades done better. For more information, please visit

Ahlstrom's Building and Energy business area is a leading manufacturer of wind energy materials, which are manufactured in Europe.

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