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The demand for packaged fruits and vegetables is growing, but the knowledge and experience that companies have in packaging fruits and vegetables is limited. That’s why PerfoTec has installed a packaging machine with laser to enable growers, processors and retailers to experience how AMAP packaging can improve the quality of their fresh produce.
In a recent publication from Rabobank it was stated that new packaging technologies for extending the shelf life of fresh produce are gaining grounds rapidly. This growth is driven by important consumer trends such a convenience (more freshly cut fruits and vegetables), online purchases, and the need to reduce waste. But the growth of international trade is also contributing, with a longer shelf life enabling companies to capitalise on market inefficiencies.
Despite all this, the knowledge and experience that companies have with packaging fruits and vegetables is limited, especially with regards to packaging that extends the shelf life. This is partly due to the fact that the tools and equipment for testing and thus gaining experience in the field is often lacking.
That’s why PerfoTec has installed a Pro Seal packaging machine with a special laser for adding micro-perforations at the companies headquarter in The Netherlands. With this new equipment, growers, packers, processors and retailers can easily find out how micro-perforated packaging can maintain the quality of their fresh produce and extend the shelf life.

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