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Increased user-friendliness through improved navigation

Customer orientation, trustworthiness, professionalism and a maximum of practical relevance are the values that Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH employ as guiding principles in all areas of the company. In order to bring the philosophy visually closer to the users of the company homepage, the content was completely revised and provided with a new modern layout. For an optimal surfing experience on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the homepage was also programmed and redesigned in accordance with what are currently the highest standards of responsive web design. The streamlined navigation significantly increased the clarity and enables quick access to all subject areas from A for “Asking questions about...” to Z for “Zapping and shredding technology”.

“In addition to a modern design, the focus of the redesign was above all on adapting the user interface and navigation to the needs and wishes of our customers and interested parties,” explains Harald Erdwich, Managing Director of the Bavarian company. “Our objective was to do justice to the variety and complexity of our machines and systems on our website.” With the completely redesigned homepage, which offers clear access to all relevant topics, this has been very successfully achieved. The re-vamped navigation not only allows direct access to all important areas such as product and service overviews, but also information on trade fair participations or news from the shredding and recycling industry have been given a place. Interested visitors can also find out about the core competencies and goals of Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH as well as the 30-year history of the internationally active family business.

Information accessible on all end user devices thanks to responsive design

In order to meet the requirements and needs of all homepage visitors and to be able to offer an optimal and impressive surfing experience, the Internet presence was completely revised. Due to the modern responsive design in line with the highest current standards, access can be achieved via all end user devices, as the website automatically adapts to the device used. “In the run-up to the revision of the homepage, we have involved ourselves intensively with the user behaviour on our website and with the general and special surfing behaviour of our customers”, reports Erdwich. “We found out that smart devices were often used for information to go, but complex product or project enquiries were primarily made via a PC. The revised design in combination with the responsive technology now offers our customers an optimal service, independent of device and access method”. New expressive images and visualizations give the user a detailed insight into Erdwich's portfolio and an idea of the wide range of applications. Updating the navigation also significantly increased user-friendliness. “The further development and relaunch of our Homepage is only one component of the future strategy”, Erdwich assures and adds: “We are a part of the recycling industry and see it as our task to anticipate current trends and developments and to actively contribute to their implementation”.

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