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The new Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratory of DigiProces is already in operation, allowing us to perform pre-certification essays in an almost immediate way and speeding up the verification and validation time for the commercialization of electric and electronic products.

Ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of a product is essential to avoid interferences affecting its proper functioning and taking EMC into account from early stages of design is the best way to avert delays when bringing the product to the market.

Having an internal laboratoy for these tests is a great competitive advantage. Final essays in a certified laboratory get reduced to a mere formality, avoiding redesign works in the final stages because of a last minute default and thus minimizing reengineering costs. At DigiProces we can develop investigative essays to guarantee the efficacy of the electronic design and optimize the solutions required: maximum performance at the lowest cost.

The DigiProces EMC laboratory integrates a semi-anechoic chamber covered with ferrites in this first phase, which allows to carry out essays with radiated emissions and radiated immunity up to 1GHz. It has the capacity to develop conducted emissions, conducted immunity and ESD (electrostatic discharges). The initial objective is covering essays in the industrial sector, but our plan is flexible enough to expand in later phases to other environments like the automotive field.

These innovative facilities are handled by an experienced professional team that assures the most demanding results in every project. Additionally, DigiProces makes its EMC laboratory available to the industry, offering other companies the possibility of using it so that they can assess the status of their projects, improve them or solve problems before their launch onto the market in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way.

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