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Ningbo-located company Physis already operates Schuler machines and has now ordered the latest technology: a Smartline SA315S

Göppingen/Ningo, March 23, 2021 – Founded 2001 in Ningbo at the Chinese East Coast, Physis produces electric motors of all kinds. With more than 1,000 employees, the company today achieves a turnover of around 1 billion RMB (around 125 million euros). The electric motors are made up of laminations which are already stamped on Schuler machines. Now, the customer has ordered the latest technology of the press manufacturer in this area: a Smartline SA315S with a press force of 315 tons and a bed width of 2.7 meters.

The machine can process coil gauges of just 0.2 millimeters and less – the thinner the laminations, the lower the eddy current losses and the better the efficiency of the electric motors. In the same step, the laminations are interlocked by the press into packets which will later form the core of the electric motor. To make the Smartline’s slide work within tolerances of hundredths of a millimeter, the electronics of the bottom dead center control check the position of the upper die during every stroke and adjusts when necessary.

Schuler will manufacture the press parts at its Chinese production site in Dalian and install the machine in September this year.


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