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conTeyor has launched the Ecopack KIT, a new generation of returnable modular storage. The improvements we’ve made to the plastic container has resulted in a larger, but light weight, all-in-one waterproof storage unit.  Driven by innovation, the Ecopack KIT is the culmination of continuous engineering excellence, top quality and sustainability. Advantages of the new Ecopack KIT are originality, safety, versatility, ergonomics and ease of use, combined with the renowned quality and durability of the Ecopack Classic.

Optimized features enhance efficiency and handling

The new Ecopack KIT offers the following benefits:

  • Both the unit’s external and internal dimensions have been revamped to maximize truck space and offer greater inner volume;
  • Lightweight lid with textile belt handles makes it easy to handle and move;
  • Inner height is adjustable to enhance space efficiency on returns;
  • Reformed for single unit return. By closing the Ecopack KIT, the pallet, sleeve and lid become a sizable return unit;
  • Full water and dustproof when closed;
  • A clamping system on the lid is ergonomically optimized;
  • Re-designed rounded sleeve edges guarantee less damage, more safety and convenience;
  • Stacking compatibility with other containers in the market.

Built from a durable construction and design, the Ecopack KIT is a 100% recyclable HDPE pallet, lid and PP sleeve, available in various colors and prints. conTeyor also offers rental and leasing solutions.

2nd generation plastic container product range

The conTeyor plastic container product range contains the Ecopack Classic, the Ecobox, inserts (plastic built-in dividers), the Octaplast and the Ecorack. The Ecopack KIT is conTeyor’s 2ndgeneration plastic containers.

Lukas Zvarik, Regional Sales & Product Manager Europe: “The Ecopack KIT is one of a kind. We challenged our engineers to build this all-in-one storage, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Ecopack KIT is taking a unique place in the market. Today’s packaging market is demanding, but the Ecopack KIT is outperforming on all levels. I’m very proud of this top-quality and sustainable product, and the engineering and innovative spirit that has produced it.”

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