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Empire delivers creative, extremely durable, and superior quality graphic solutions

Onalaska, WI: Empire Screen  Printing, a leading manufacturer of screen printed products, highlights its graphics solutions for the food and beverage industry. For more than three decades, the most trusted consumer food and beverage brands and the equipment manufacturers that support them have relied on Empire Screen Printing for creative, durable, and superior quality graphic solutions that enhance and protect their brand image.

Empire closely collaborates with customers to design and engineer unique and beautiful graphics. For example, the Monarch Public House, Wisconsin’s oldest operating tavern, turned to Empire to design labels with the distinct vintage look of the Fountain City Brewing Company that operated on Monarch’s site from 1856 to 1965. The artists at Empire used a combination of hand-drawing and scanning to replicate century-old images into print-ready digital artwork incorporating required revisions to meet government regulations and incorporate barcodes. The finished products are faithful reproductions of the original look and feel, updated for use with modern printing, brewing, promotion, and advertising processes.

Food and beverage equipment manufacturers also turn to Empire for graphical solutions that visually stand out and reliably stand up to the harsh conditions of everyday use. Materials and printing processes are selected to withstand the high temperatures and harsh cleaning solutions in food service applications, and for outdoor applications, crystal-line doming provides protection from UV light and from dents and abrasions.

Empire has an assortment of in-house stock materials and adhesives that can be combined to meet most customers’ requirements. When presented with a new material combination, Empire's R&D process performs vigorous testing to ensure durability, ink adhesion, and product performance meet the customer's desired needs. In addition, Empire’s large library of custom color builds are stored using their QColor Color Management System providing consistent spot color reproduction from run to run and from part to part.

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