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Empire delivers extremely durable, superior quality graphic solutions.

Onalaska, WI: Empire Screen Printing, a leading manufacturer of screen printed products, highlights its graphics solutions for commercial and consumer appliance manufacturers. The most trusted brands in the commercial and consumer appliance markets rely on Empire to enhance and protect their brand image with creative, durable, and superior quality graphic solutions, including electronic overlays, warning/danger decals, and nameplates.

Empire closely collaborates with customers to design and engineer labels, decals and overlays that visually stand out and reliably stand up to the harsh conditions of everyday use. Durability is critical, because signs of wear diminish brand image in the highly competitive appliance market. For example, particular materials and printing processes are selected to withstand the high temperatures and harsh cleaning solutions in food service applications, and for outdoor applications, crystal-line doming provides protection from UV light and from dents and abrasions.

Printing capabilities include UV LED screen printing on 3, 6, and 12 color presses, and digital and flexographic printing. Many special features and services are available for the appliance industry, including LED windows, dead fronts, and serializing, as well as chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and anti-microbial materials.

Empire has an assortment of in-house stock materials and adhesives that can be combined to meet most of our customers requirements. When presented with a new material combination, Empire's R&D process performs vigorous testing to ensure durability, ink adhesion, and product performance meets our customer's desired needs. In addition, our large library of custom color builds are stored using our QColor Color Management System. For new color builds, physical color samples are created and approved by the customer. These approvals are stored and verified during the printing process to achieve precise color matching throughout the production run and provide consistency from one order to another. The end results are highly durable branding label solutions that impress and delight customer after customer.

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