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Pedicabs are one of the most unusual forms of transport for the world of advanced technology and high-performance electric vehicles. They are basically modified bicycles with three wheels powered by the driver's legs and designed for two passengers. They have remained almost entirely unchanged from the ancient oriental rickshaws, passing through the centuries and getting the modern bicycle actuator.

Pedicabs are extremely heavy compared to bicycles. They can weigh as much as 300 pounds for those designed for more than two passengers. Because of this, they are usually equipped with more than 20 gears to reduce the burden on the driver when starting off and riding uphill. In some cases, they are equipped with electric and gasoline motors as an additional or even main power unit.

Passengers of such transport have a perfect open view of their surroundings, but are protected from the weather only by a tent. This type of transportation is common in all major American cities, and the number of pedicabs is not decreasing, despite the technological progress.

Common reasons for the popularity of pedicabs

It goes without saying that if they exist, they are profitable. And they are profitable from different points of view:

  1. They generate income for the drivers in the form of fares and tips.

  2. Companies that sell pedicabs are also not left short.

  3. Companies renting pedicabs to drivers or hiring them out receive income.

  4. Advertising directly on the vehicles is more profitable than other forms of advertising - slow-moving pedicabs invariably catch people's eyes and imprint them firmly in their minds. Certain companies specialize in just that, like San Diego pedicab shops.

  5. The presence of this type of transport is beneficial to municipalities and all those involved in the tourism business, they create a special entourage of cities.

  6. It is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport possible.

How the business is organized

As a rule, pedicabs are provided to drivers by specialized companies - "shops" with a license, insurance and several dozen such vehicles. 

There are several main ways or combinations of ways in which pedicabs are provided:

  • transportation is done on behalf of the companies themselves, and drivers are hired on a pay-as-you-go basis roughly like taxi service fleets;

  • companies act as "tour operators" taking clients-tourists to certain routes, and drivers may also act as tour guides;

  • companies earn mostly from advertising on pedicabs; they do not control the fees and tips from clients and leave them to the drivers;

  • companies get a fixed fee from the drivers for renting vehicles or a part of the fare.

In conclusion, it can be said that this peculiar mode of transport has existed for centuries and has the prospect of further development, despite all the dynamic changes taking place in the world. More detailed information on this topic can be found here

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