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- BigMove AG impressed by the outstanding dead weight-to-payload ratio

- A vehicle from the practice for use in the practice

- Further simplified vehicle handling convinces drivers 

The BigMove heavy-duty logistics network relies on the EuroCompact from SCHEUERLE for the transport of heavy construction machinery weighing up to 90 tonnes. The great advantage of thelow-bed semi-trailer is the outstanding payload-dead weight ratio, the combinability of the basic vehicle with the SmartAxle Dolly as well as the simplified handling compared to the previous vehicle generation.

The major cities around the world continue to grow, including Munich. The Bavarian capital is adapting accordingly which includes expanding the S-Bahn network in order to ensure the mobility of its citizens. In the middle of the city, directly behind the world famous Munich Town Hall, construction work has also had to take place in the so-called Marienhof. This has not been possible without the use of heavy equipment. One example illustrates this perfectly: an 86-tonne rotary drilling rig had to be transported from Mannheim via the A9 motorway to the centre of Munich. An assignment which required a flexible transport solution that incorporated accommodating a heavy payload. The contract was awarded to the heavy-load specialists at BigMove AG, a consortium of medium-sized heavy-load logistics companies, which operates throughout Europe.

BigMove purchases 19 SCHEUERLE EuroCompact

For such transportation tasks involving payloads of around 90 tonnes (at 80 km/h, using a three-axle tractor and 12 t axle load), BigMove relies on the EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family. A total of 19 new EuroCompact generation vehicles have been procured from SCHEUERLE by the heavy-load specialist network. Under the identifier, Chamäleon II, BigMove offers the fleet of vehicles to its customers. Procurement was preceded by intensive collaboration between the manufacturer and customer in order to meet the demanding requirements of BigMove.

Reduction of axle loads helps protect the roads

During the development of the new EuroCompact model, the focus was on ensuring much easier handling to ensure faster and easier loading and unloading of the low-bed semi-trailer when compared to the previous generation of vehicles. Other requirements included reducing the semi-trailer's dead weight to a maximum of 30 tonnes and decreasing axle loads. As a result, the new EuroCompact generation is extremely road-friendly. In addition, the weight of the respective transported goods can be optimally distributed on the flat bed decks while the fifth wheel load can be continuously adjusted. Another outstanding strength of the EuroCompact series: the individual vehicle modules regarding the front and rear bogie units as well as the excavator deck result in a 3+5 combination in the basic version, i.e. with three axle lines on the gooseneck along with five axles on the rear module. With the help of the single-axle SmartAxle Dolly, the combination on the front and rear bogies can be extended by one axle line. Thus, for example, the axle loads are reduced from twelve to ten tonnes with the same payload in order to meet the requirements for certain route corridors. On the other hand, the payload of the combination correspondingly increases.

From the practice for use in the practice

"The EuroCompact is a vehicle developed from the experience gained in the field for use in the field," according to Horst Wallek, member of the management board at Wallek and Geser, a company that is part of the BigMove Group. "In the fight for driving personnel, it is especially important that we have a vehicle that makes it easy for drivers to operate," he explained. "For us as a heavy-load logistics provider, it is of great importance that we are able to access the loading and unloading points when transporting increasingly larger and heavier construction machinery. The EuroCompact has an outstanding payload to dead weight ratio. This makes the task much easier for us.” Furthermore, when unloaded, the vehicle is classified under the single-driver regulation because, in this case, a combined vehicle weight of 41.8 tonnes is not exceeded. Thanks to the specially optimised excavator deck, the dolly can simply be driven over. Here, no deck modification is required.

EuroCompact fulfils the highest requirements

"With the development and procurement of the new vehicles, the BigMove network has a particular advantage over its competitors. The EuroCompact "Chameleon II" model is easy to handle and can be flexibly used within the BigMove network due to its combinability. As a result, this enables us to fulfil the highest demands in heavy-duty transport assignments of all kinds," said Wallek when summarizing the strengths of the new EuroCompact generation. "Moreover, the BigMove partners can easily exchange vehicles within the network without requiring any additional approvals. As the vehicles are completely identical in construction, the certificate of exemption applies to each of them."

EuroCompact simplifies the transport of heavy construction machinery

Using a clear comparison, Wallek sums up the unique strengths of the new EuroCompact: "In the past, the standardised sea container was realised in order to simplify sea transport. For the transport of heavy construction machinery, we now have the EuroCompact from SCHEUERLE.” No questions at all about the equipment: the 33 metre long vehicle combination reached the construction site safely and without problems in spite of the overwidth of 3.35 metres and a height of 4.45 metres.

The all-rounder offers payloads of up to 106 tonnes

The EuroCompact range includes weight and length-optimised semi-trailers which are ideally suited for transport tasks of up to 106 tonnes thanks to their versatile range of combination options. Among other things, the all-rounder transports construction machinery, transformers, plant components or other heavy equipment. The main focus of the new EuroCompact generation is placed on the outstanding dead weight to payload ratio along with the most compact design in this segment. This guarantees the heavy-duty specialists competitive and cost advantages. The EuroCompact is available in a wide range of designs, from the combinations 1+3 axle, 2+4 axle and 3+5 axle combinations through to 4+6 axles. The additional SmartAxle dolly facilitates precise utilisation corresponding to the load and selected route. For example, the basic 2+4 combination can be varied by coupling the SmartAxle to the rear or front bogie unit to form a 2+5, 3+4 or 3+5 combination. Various excavator, slab and frame deck versions as well as a large selection of accessories complement the product portfolio. Due to the broad range of models and low maintenance costs, the EuroCompact is the perfect solution for every transport task.

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