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At the Blechexpo trade show in Stuttgart, Schuler will present the further development of its "Visual Die Protection" system.

Göppingen/Stuttgart, October 4, 2021 - In 2019, Schuler developed a camera-based monitoring system for presses under the name "Visual Die Protection" (VDP). The system is part of the "Digital Suite" in which Schuler has brought together its solutions for networking forming technology. VDP detects foreign objects or other sources of danger in real time and stops the press before damage occurs. With the "VDP Analyzer," Schuler is now presenting a further development that can also get to the bottom as to the causes of faults. Visitors to the Blechexpo trade show from October 26 to 29 in Stuttgart, Germany (Booth 8306 in Hall 8), can experience the system in action on a C-frame press.

"In the visualization, deflections in the time curve can be used to quickly gain an overview of exactly when deviations from the normal state have occurred," explains Chief Digital Officer Rohitashwa Pant. "The user can now call up the images associated with these points in time in a targeted manner and recognize on them that, for example, parts are lying on a centering pin and are not threaded, or that punching scrap keeps piling up in a particular scrap chute."

Appropriate changes can then be made to avoid future production interruptions, increasing process stability and ultimately output. The system also allows the export of the time series and image data for documentation and later comparison.

"Our customers expressed a desire that VDP would also allow them to look back in time to document defects and identify root causes," explains Michael Werbs, Director of Edge Solutions. "With conventional cameras, press operators can have the die area monitored, but then have to laboriously evaluate the videos themselves afterwards. The VDP Analyzer takes this work off our customers' shoulders."


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