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The hilly landscape of the green, rainy region of Galicia is known mostly for its stunning view from the cape Finisterra, once believed to be the end of the earth, from the beauty of its estuaries (rías) and waterfalls and from mighty cliffs overhanging the Atlantic at the so called Coast of Death.

Many travellers and tourists associate this beautiful region also with one of the most important European sanctuaries- it is here where many pilgrims finish the famous St. James’ Way, visiting the tomb of the Apostle  – in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The beginnings
Until after the mid-20th century, when this autonomous community began the industrialization process, Galicia used to live from farming, fishing and shipbuilding. Today the harbour town of A Coruña is the richest city of Galicia and home to many companies, among others the clothing company Zara, that once opened here its first store. It is also here where the IGNACIO GONZALEZ MONTES, S.A has been created. The very beginning of the company dates back to the year of 1915 and the town of Cangas, when a young man- Ignacio González Chamadoira- spent his time working in a small plant, where he was packing and canning fish that could not be sold fresh. Some decades later, in 1945 the son of the founder -Ignacio González Montes- established the IGNACIO GONZALEZ MONTES, S.A. enterprise. Interested in continuing the family tradition, eager to improve it and develop further, Ignacio was doing his best to advertise the products and pursued the commercialization of the company among the local clients and on the markets overseas. This way the continuity of the family- run business has been preserved. Application of the best technologies available at that time, combined with the traditional flavour of the products made the new company grow and has been the secret of its success. In 1992 the new factory with an area of over 14.000 m2 has been constructed. Located close to the Natural Park Dunas de Corrubedo, equipped with the new technology facilities, this new plant stays faithful to the traditional procedures of elaboration, processing and canning of fish and seafood. The IGM has taken special steps towards environment care and protection, constructing two waste water treatment machines to preserve the surroundings of the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corrubedo and Lagoons of Carregal y Vixián and maintain the quality of the fish and seafood of the Galician rías. Some years later, in 2011, construction of a new warehouse for the ready products followed. Today the enterprise is present on different continents, exporting round 70% of its products to over twenty countries, paying special attention to international markets like Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Portugal, France, Italy, Arab Countries, Eastern Europe, just to name a few destinations.

Products and brands
Ignacio González Montes Canned Food owns ten registered brands, each of them bound to a specific product or market. The ”star brand” of the company is Dorita. The brand has the biggest range of products and is of a superior price range and is a real market leader. The company is proud to own one of the biggest fish and seafood cans in the sector. Apart from Dorita, Ignacio González Montes Canned Food owns also Dietatún, Nacho, Costatún, Thon, Ola-Tuna, Tuna Pesca and Al-Andalouz. The speciality of the company is tuna, nevertheless the enterprise produces also cephalopods cans, like calamari, cuttlefish and octopus. Finally the salads of great quality complete the wide range of the offer. In the past fourteen years, Ignacio González Montes Canned Food increased its focus on standards, paying special attention to the improvement of the quality of its products. In order to reach these goals, lots of investments were made. In the time span of the last five years, the company invested more than two million Euros in improvements and developments in efficiency and quality, trying to meet the latest market trends and becoming a real specialist in its business branch. It has also succeeded in forming a very qualified team that allows the control of every step of the production process. Besides its own brand, the company offers also products of the so called “private labels” that in the meantime stand for the approx. 75% of the company’s turnover.

Future plans and perspectives
The most important mission of the IGM is to be the best business partner both for the big market players and for smaller, independent distributors in Spain, Central Europe, Mediterranean countries and America, fabricating fish cans at competitive prices and of high quality. The aim is the continuous growth in profitability and performance, enclosing new markets each year and adapting at the same time to the arising challenges. One of the biggest dreams and goals the company wants to reach in five years’ time is the turnover of 100 million Euros. At the moment, the main source of growth are still sales in the international markets- it is exactly this, that shall be consolidated and strengthened in the years to come.

Quality, Certifications, Sustainability
Ignacio González Montes S.A. made significant investments in media, technology and training of its staff- all this aiming at guaranteeing constant quality and making it transparent for the clients. The company has opened for example a modern laboratory with experienced technicians who can guarantee the politics of quality and - the satisfaction of the customers and clients. In order to accomplish this aim, already since 1999 the company has implemented the system of Critical Analyses (APPCC). In the years 1994 – 2011 IGM has also introduced the quality management system according to the norm ISO 9000, at every level of the organisation. In 2011 the enterprise actualised this system once again, introducing the ISO 22000 norm of food safety. In order to ensure the highest quality, all of the products are manufactured under strict quality control measures. In compliance with the current legislation, HACCP or HACCP system was established in the company in 1999, when it was certified to ISO 9002:1994 and received the ISO 9001 recertification: 2.000 in January 2004. Since 2011 the enterprise holds also the ISO 22.000: 2005 certification. One of the important points on the agenda of Ignacio González Montes S.A. is also sustainability- protection of the marine and ocean environment and of the existing fishery resources. The company carries out regular controls, so as to guarantee the quality of the resources of its suppliers - and their compliance with the norms. It is also supports the avoiding of illegal fishing, tries to reduce the incidental catch of species without commercial interest and prioritizes the usage of not aggressive and sustainable methods. The enterprise owns a complete system of traceability that allows even getting to the boats and ships, where the regular catching is taking place. This way its environmental commitment makes it a responsible partner on the national and international scene.


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