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A high-design, environmentally responsible, easy-to-install, long-term solution.

Muskegon, MILorin Industries, Inc., is proud to announce the ClearMatt® Architectural Class I finish and its full line of anodized aluminum for use with roofing products. Lorin anodized aluminum is a high-design, environmentally responsible, easy-to-install, long-term solution, ideal for a broad range of commercial and residential architectural applications, including exterior paneling and cool roofs.

Lorin anodized aluminum when used for roofing materials never chips, flakes, or peels because anodized aluminum is not an applied coating, distinguishing it from painted metal products. Through the electrochemical process of anodizing, the raw aluminum is bonded at the molecular level to create a surface that is thick, translucent, and very hard.

Lorin Anodized Aluminum comes in a multitude of colors, shades, and finishes, including UV stable anodized copper and zinc-look finishes. And embossed anodized aluminum offers that three-dimensional metallic look that gives architects design options that are not available with painted metal products.

For cool roof applications, the ClearMatt® finish decreases roof temperatures to help contribute to LEED with an SRI value above 90, far exceeding top PVDF paints on the market. ClearMatt® anodized aluminum works because its translucent protective layer allows the metal’s natural reflectivity to shine through while offering outstanding corrosion protection.

The many benefits of using Lorin anodized aluminum for roofing materials are clear—long service life of the roof, reduced A/C cooling expenditures, mitigation of the urban heat island effect (air temperature), and lowered peak electrical demand and power plant emissions.

In addition to roofing, Lorin brings the advantages of anodized aluminum to a wide range of residential and commercial building needs. Exterior applications include composite, honeycomb, and insulated panels, rain screens, column covers, fascia, store fronts, screens, garage doors, awnings, car ports, patio covers, and sun shades. For more information about Lorin anodized aluminum applications within the construction and architectural industries, visit

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