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The Undorovsky mineral water plant Volzhanka is one of the leading producers of mineral drinking water and soft drinks in the Volga Federal District. The main activity of the enterprises is bottling Undorovo mineral water, the production of drinking water and soft drinks.

Today, the Volzhanka brand unites a group of companies that successfully develop various branches of economic activity, primarily to provide the population with services and foods that fully meet their needs.

Company overview
The Undorovsky mineral water plant Volzhanka is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise, whose employees responsibly approach the ecology and protection of natural water deposits .The main activity of the enterprise is the bottling of the famous Undorovo mineral medicinal-table water Volzhanka, the production of the highest quality artesian drinking water Volzhanka and a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. Concern about the high quality of the products is the brand feature of the Volzhanka brand. Volzhanka Group of Companies is one of the largest producers in the segment of bottled drinking and mineral water, a range of soft drinks and food stuffs in the entire Volga region,- says Mikhail Gorshkov, Chairman of the Board of Volzhanka. – Our production is always striving for a profitable difference, which is in the premium quality of the products and the observance of impeccable business reputation in the modern market. A team of professional takes a responsible approach to their work and strives to achieve excellence in everything - from every stage of production to guaranteed compliance with the commitments made to our customers and partners. At all stages of production, the control of the safety of raw materials and manufactured products is carried out by the chemical-analytical laboratory of the enterprise. An integrated quality management system and an environmental management system have been implemented and are successfully operating, in accordance with the requirements of international and national standards. Caring for the highest quality of the products is a proprietary feature of the Undorovsky mineral water plant Volzhanka. The company has introduced a modern food safety management system (HACCP), as well as an integrated quality management and environmental management system, in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008) and GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001: 2004).

Main activities
In 1967, in the immediate vicinity of the medicinal Undorov water fields, the Volzhanka mineral water plant began. Having started its activities from a small shop for bottling Undorovo mineral water, by the beginning of the XXI century Volzhanka had become one of the largest in the Ulyanovsk region. At the moment, the company occupies a leading position in the Volga Federal District and in the federal industry for the production of mineral waters and soft drinks. Currently, the Volzhanka brand unites a whole group of companies with various successful and promising areas of economic activity. They include units for the provision of services and consumer goods to the population, a modern transport and logistics center, an auto service center, its own trading company, supermarkets and convenience stores, a café, and gas stations. The agrarian flag ship of the Ulyanovsk region is the Volzhanka agricultural enterprise, the production of milk and dairy products, the production of the famous Undorovsky bread and bakery products, an apiary and a pastry shop, and an equestrian club. The advanced health resort of the future generations of the region is the Volzhanka Children’s Health Camp, a consumer services company in the Undorovsky settlement.

Manufacturing process
There is no extraction of mineral water as such, as mineral water reaches the surface of the earth under the action of reservoir pressure; therefore, its collection does not disturb the natural balance of nature and does not lead to the impoverishment of the mineral composition. Mineral water from springs flows by gravity into captive containers. Drinking water produced by Volzhanka is produced from artesian wells, which are up to 50 m deep. The are around the wells within a radius of 50 m is a sanitary protection zone. From captive tanks, water passes through a filter to the water treatment section, where it is cleaned from mechanical impurities and collected in a storage tank. Then the water enters the bottling line in a saturation installation, where carbon dioxides aturation occurs, in order to preserve the original composition of the water and its medicinal properties. Filling lines are fully automated, which allows to increase the level of produc t quality. The bottlers are made by bot tle blowing machines. Preforms (blanks) are fed into the hopper, heated to a temperature of 140 ° C, and a bottle of a certain shape and size is blown out under high pressure of compresse dair. Next, the bottle is fed to the filling and closing machine. The corked bottle passes through an electronic finished product inspector, which tracks under filling or bad bottle closing. Further the bottle is made out by a label and marked. The products of the plant are bottled in PET bottles, glass bottles and polycarbonate bottles. All types of containers have trademark decals that serve as an additional protection of products from fraud.

Advantages of Volzhanka mineral water
In Volzhanka mineral water the reis uniquely balance drich complex of microcomponents: copper, zinc, iron, lithium, manganese, fluorine, silver, high content of organic substances, due to the natural conditions of its origin. About 120 million years ago, the territory where the village of Undory is now located was located at the bottom of the sea. Its in habitants, area, depth and salinity changed, and at a depth combustible schists were formed. After millions of years, the relief has changed, and the territory has risen, it has become dry land. It is this “sea” past that made it unique: fossil dinosaurs of species previously unknown to science are still found in the Undorov vicinity. And the mineral water passing through the layers of sedimentary rocks is saturated with organic substances, which make it healing. Mineral water Volzhanka has low mineralization and can be drunk without quantitative restrictions.

Quality and environmental protection
By placing priority on the quality of products, the company is constantly developing, purpose fully invest in glarge-scale investments in the development and technical updating of all stages of its own production. The plant has its own modern certified chemical analysis laboratory, whose task is to carry out quality control in the process of bottling mineral and drinking water and beverages - from the source to the finished product, including the control of containers and closures. Volzhanka has its own station for hydrogeological and environmental monitoring of the environment. This service monitors the quantitative and qualitative indicators of mineral water in the sources, ensures the protection and sanitary well-being of water deposits in the Ulyanovsk region. The healing properties of the Volzhanka mineral water have been proven by many federal research centers: Medical Center of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University’s Clinic of Urology and Kazan State Medical Institute. The quality of mineral water is regulary praised at various exhibitions,both in Russia and abroad. This is confirmed by more than 100 medals, 400 diplomas and various awards of regional, federal and international importance. Every year the bank of honored awards, diplomas and medals of the company is replenished.

Further growth
Volzhanka Group of Companies provides jobs for more than a thousand people, and at the same time it implements a whole range of various socially-oriented programs, annually increases tax payments to budgets of all levels, supports and develops the social and economic infrastructure of Undorovsky settlement and the entire Ulyanovsk district with responsibility. The combination of high production Technologies that meet all international requirements and constant quality control allows us to create products worthy of our customers, - says Mikhail Gorshkov, - by putting out products under the Volzhanka trademark, we put our soul into business, so that people can get a quality product of the highest level, created by nature itself. We are proud that our products today are delivered far beyond the limits of the Volga region, and in our plans are not only to keep the height taken, but also to conquer new peaks.The most important award of Volzhanka is the long-term love and high recognition of consumers, who value the company’s products for its unique taste and healing properties. For many inhabitants of the Volga region, the word “mineral water” is associated with the name Volzhanka. The priceless wealth, a wonder of nature, which has received a beautiful own name, is today considered one of the most famous regional products in Russia.

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