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Every year millions of Europeans face a difficult choice: how to spend their vacation? There are many possibilities. A large number of hotels, guesthouses and campings offers a relaxing and enjoyable stay according to even the most particular expectations of their clients.

But there is always an old dream which comes back to many: take a camper and just drive ahead like in an American movie they have seen thousands of times. Unfortunately most of people are usually too lazy and too afraid of every small discomfort to realize this dream which they indispensable associate with a feeling of freedom but also with Spartan conditions. And here, for every such a person, comes Laika- a revolutionary line of top class campers. If you are not convinced a company’s founder says: try to get in some Laika. You will see and feel the difference. In Italy our claim is Laika: the world apart.

A little bit of history

The Laika Caravans S.p.A company was established in 1964 by Giovambattista Moscardini and is located in the heart of the Chianti region. The period of its establishment was rich in watersheds in the field of space discovering and Giovambattista Moscardini’s fascination to these adventures has influenced the choice of the company’s name. It was called with the name of the first dog launched into space and is represented by the image of the red greyhound with wings. This has to symbolize the company’s search of new directions in development of modern technologies. The same year Laika produced the first caravan model, the little “500”, so small in size that it could be towed by a fiat 500 and in 1977 it produced the first motorhome. Today the production of vehicles reaches about 1.500 every year and the company employs 200 people.

To the European markets

Laika has started its activity in Italy and with time became a well-known trademark also out of the Italian borders. It has already been presented on the international market for more than 25 years. Today its main markets except Italy are also France and Germany. The Laika’s dealers are present in almost all European countries and as the company’s founder underlines they work seriously towards their clients promoting the Laika’s trademark.

A large range of high standard products

Mr Moscardini’s company is specialized in the field of top class low-profile vehicles with drop-down beds and offers 12 different models available in two different ranges in this particular typology. However, Laika is still an important producer of coachbuilts and integral campers characterized with the automobile style and two doors in cabin. The company guarantees that through a Laika Ecovip, Kreos, X or a Laika Rexosline, customers will look at the world with different eyes. They will not only see landscapes and panoramas but will also feel deep emotions and will keep their feelings as unforgettable milestones of their family life.

Laika family

Every customer who decides to buy one of the Laika’s vehicles became a part of a big Laika family. The company has an excellent customer service that provides a professional assistance to every client. The buyers – Laika family members - can take advantage of an extensive European service network composed of updated, highly specialized, professional technicians ready to offer their advice at all times and authorized workshops with modern equipment. Every vehicle has a 24 month product warranty and a six year waterproofness warranty on the conversion. Furthermore during the acquisition the buyer receives a detailed warranty handbook and also instructions for use and maintenance complete with photos to facilitate reading and consultation. In case the vehicle needs a change of spare parts the spares are available for many years after the purchase. That is why to choose a Laika is a valuable choice in every meaning of this word.

Mission: innovation

The company has always paid great attention to innovation and the evolution of the market. This has created its image of the firm which doesn’t stop when the success is already achieved but looks forward to the future development and in searching of new solutions sees a key to the further growth. The effect of Laika’s technological innovation policy is for example the latest introduction of numerical control machines for the production process and new software for more sophisticated planning.

A self-sufficient producer

The entire Laika’s planning and production processes are totally internal. There is always a close collaboration between all providers and the Laika’s development and research department. The department’s staff is formed of experienced personnel and creative young people, what has proved to be the winning combination. The staff’s professional skills, experience and creativeness permits the company to meet market requirements and to anticipate new trends. Laika is a completely self-sufficient company. All components are constructed in its own plants starting from furniture, walls and floors and finishing with roofs. Such a solution permits to have under control both the assemblage and the single components production process what enable to the customers an acquisition of an excellent product.

Quality guaranteed

The quality is a major principle of Laika company. Its beautiful products with design characterized with strong identity are chosen by clients from a wide range of different trademark’s vehicles. Are exactly these clients who continue to choose Laika the reason for the company to be proud of. In fact there are buyers who have already bought their fifth successive Laika camper and this means more for the company than a lot of words. To guarantee a high quality of the products and enable this continuous success the company has introduced a very careful control process. The control system predicts first of all the controls of own work made by all workers. With regard to manufacturing process there are different controls during the entire cycle. All the raw materials supplied by the providers are controlled to verify their resistance to mechanical stress and to the weather. Only if they meet the high quality requirements posted by the company and get the final acceptation the production process can start. Then there is another control every fourth position on the production line. At the end there are carried out two final tests: one directly at the end of the production process and another just before the shipment.

Variety of facilities for maximum comfort

In the recent time the company has introduced a lot of new products and has made important technological advancements which have guaranteed major satisfaction of the buyers. One of Laika’s new patents is the water drainage system which eliminates the problem of the water remaining on the roof after the de-freezing of the snow. The company has invented also a high caulking system for attics called Double
Shell System. This system creates a peculiar air chamber that allows the air circulation between two shells which permits to protect the vehicle both from heat and cold. Laika has also provided its low-profile vehicles with drop-down beds developed in two versions: the Light Duty Version and the Heavy Duty Version. The bed’s floor/roof standing high of 185 cm leave enough space to use the kitchen and enter or leave the living zones with non difficulties when the bed is in use. Another advantage is the possibility to watch TV when lying on the drop-down bed. Laika’s vehicles are provided as standard with everything necessary to assure a unique and comfortable holiday. However for those who have special needs the company gives a possibility to personalize the vehicle some more thanks to a broad range of Laika accessories. All this makes the Laika’s vehicles very comfortable and functional models. These products with real innovations and always in the forefront are one of the major reasons of the company’s success.

The conquest of Europe will continue

The company is sure of its great potential. Laika considers the next years as a challenge with strong development on the nascent markets and refinement on traditional markets such as Italy, France and Germany with a displacement towards low-profile and coachbuils and A-class vehicles. According to Laika General Manager the company is ready for these changes. The company is known as an italian trademark of high prestige, which works with seriousness and is considered a reliable partner - he says- This recipe has always worked on every market we have placed. The company plans the expansion into new markets and has already started to prepare all the permissions required. The company has already showed in the past that is able to meet every special need of different customers and to adapt in a very short time to the new markets requirements. The Laika General Manager’s belief is that in five and even ten years Laika will be for sure one of the most important players among luxury class motorhomes’ producers in Europe. 

Written by Kinga Nykiel 



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