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Uponor’s U.S. subsidiary, Uponor, Inc. is expanding its manufacturing facility in Apple Valley, Minnesota, beginning this spring and with completion expected by December 2015. The €16 million ($18m) investment will be mostly used toward expansion of an additional 8,175 m2 (88,000 sq. feet) of manufacturing and office space, including manufacturing equipment that is required.

Uponor has seen a continued growth of its business in North America ever since recovery from the 2007 financial crisis started, and has over the years already completed five steps of expansion.

“Uponor, Inc. continues to see growth opportunities in commercial and residential construction in North America, and this expansion will ensure they match forecast growth and demand for plumbing and indoor climate systems”, says Jyri Luomakoski, President and CEO at Uponor Corporation.

Apple Valley, Minn. is the centre for Uponor, Inc.’s operations, and this year marks its 25-year anniversary in Apple Valley. In total, the company employs close to 500 employees in the Twin Cities area. In the past three years, Uponor has added over 130 new jobs, and plans to hire more as a result of the manufacturing expansion at hand, in which the company will pursue LEED® certification to match corporate sustainability ambitions.

Uponor made a deliberate decision to expand in the Twin Cities metro area due to its location, but also due to the favourable business environment, including access to a wealth of talent and the support from both the City of Apple Valley and the State of Minnesota over many years.

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