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Success is achieved only by those who put into their work not only strength and intellect but also the energy of their heart. This belief had been followed by OJSC Kommunarka every single day in their work. That is how confectionary specialists from Belarus conquer the hearts of customers day by day.

From 1905 till now
Kommunarka is a company with a long tradition. It all started in 1905 at a small bakery which had been producing confectionary. In those days it was a rather modest business; it was known as “Rachkovsky’s Coffee House and Bakery”. In 1910 it became a “Pastry shop” and in 1914 it grew to be “Confectionary Factory George” which employed 20 people. After the civil war on the basis of that former factory “First Belarusian Confectionary Factory” was founded. In 1929 the name of the factory was changed to “Kommunarka”. The official opening took place in 1931 when the first chocolate workshop and caramel workshop started operating. It was not long after that the first dragée workshop began working as well. in the 50’s and 60’s a lot of attention was devoted to creation of new recipes for confectionary products. During those years the finest Kommunarka sweets were created, many of them became classics with which the company is associated nowadays. Such sweets are “Griliaz”, “Loved Alionka”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Capital”. In 2008 the company was reorganized into OJSC Kommunarka and it functions under that name at present.

Products: from classics to novelties
OJSC Kommunarka confectionary factory is the largest confectionary manufacturer in Belarus. Annually more than 25 thousand tons of various delicious products are manufactured there. Kommunarka offers a selection of more than 250 various products - chocolates, sweets, chocolate gift boxes, dragées and many more. At the moment there are five major workshops operating at the company. There are three sweets production workshops, a caramel production workshop and a chocolate production workshop. A lot of attention is devoted to creation and introduction of new products. On one hand this ensures constant interest of customers and on the other hand new products guarantee that company keeps up with constantly changing market trends. The major brands so appreciated by customers are “Truffle” chocolates which are classic chocolate sweets with light almond aroma; “Soufflé” chocolates which are light soufflés with a gentle vanilla taste covered with a light layer of chocolate; “Capital” chocolates are the ones with the liquor filling; “Little Red Riding Hood” chocolates have waffles with praline filling coated with chocolate; “Loved Alionka” chocolates contain praline filling which is cover in chocolate. “Griliaz” chocolates are made of candied roasted nuts coated with chocolate. And those are only the most famous classics. Confectionary specialists at the company do their best to develop new brands. For instance Kommunarka produces sugar free chocolate “Waistline” for those who keep fit and watch their diet. Even those with diabetes can find something for themselves among Kommunarkas products. “Diabetic Griliaz” was created especially for those customers who suffer from this malady. Kommunarka offers a great selection of chocolate which includes classic chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with different fillings. There are also chocolate sets to choose from. There is a variety of boxes of chocolates with different fillings. Kommunarka offers a large assortment of hard candy mixes with different tastes and fillings. But that is not all. One can get handmade chocolate masterpieces from Kommunarka. “Monte” product line was developed to satisfy most demanding customer. These products have an unforgettable taste and form. “Chocolate fantasy” line was created to meet the most extravagant needs. Kommunarka’s goal is joy of its customers. And with such a variety of products that is easy to achieve.

Drink of gods for everyone
Few words should be said about Kommunarka’s Chocolate Bar where one can have a tasty cup of hot chocolate. As a matter of fact this bar is unique for Belarus because of the exceptional way in which the hot chocolate is made. The basis of the product is grated cocoa. It is the only cocoa based drink in the country free of artificial ingredients. Such hot chocolate is a real drink of gods. What is more hot chocolate has many positive effects on the wellbeing as it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the good condition of the human body. So instead of taking pills one can visit the chocolate bar and enjoy a delicious healthy cup of hot chocolate.

Best quality guaranteed
These days the companies that are striving to be successful center their attention on quality. Of course to achieve the highest quality is also Kommunarka’s goal. In production of all the confectionary only the best high-quality natural materials are used. The processing of cocoa beans is done at the factory, which guarantees thorough control of quality of all products. Certified quality management system is implemented at the enterprise, it complies with STB ISO 9001-2001 standards and НАССР system. Kommunarka also has implemented a certified eco-management system which complies with international standards STB ISO 9001-2009, DIN EN ISO 9001-2000, STB 1470-2004. The system allows complete compliance with the ecological policy, compliance with eco-regulations, as well as lowering the negative impact on the environment. In 2009 the company received labeling certification. Kommunarka’s confectionary is loved and valued not only in Belarus. About 30 per cent of the manufactured goods are exported to many countries, among others USA, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Israel. The company is eager to establish working relationships with new partners at home and abroad.

Something to be proud of
The quality of the goods are estimated (appreciate, value) not only by Belarus and the foreign countries. The company received numerous domestic and international certificates of conformance. The fact that Kommunarka’s products received many awards at various trade shows around the globe once again confirms the high quality of the goods. Also participation in the trade shows enables the company to find new partners and expand export. The company’s specialists take part in specialized confectionary expositions in Moscow, Riga, Chicago, Koln and other locations.

New technologies for better results
To achieve even better results Kommunarka introduces new technological solutions. Since the beginning of 2004 a new chocolate production line was launched. It is used in production of “Sweet dance” confectionary. The distinctive feature of the production line is “One Shot” filling technology. Its implementation had a positive influence on quality of the sweets and it also lowered the costs of production. Kommunarka is implementing new pre-packing and packaging technologies. Thanks to that Kommunarka develops innovative packages from modern materials. The company acquired a new “Monro” packaging machine. It is used to package sweets, caramels and dragées. Flow-pack technology is also used for packaging of candy. Kommumarka’s specialists constantly work on design of the packaging; they create very original packaging which is both useful and attractive for the customers. In the upcoming years the company will continue its innovation policy. There are plans to implement new technological solutions, widen product assortment, and expand export. 

Written by Elena Rozhko

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