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140 kVA, three-phase string inverter offers 99.1 percent peak efficiency and is now quieter.

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced the launch of its solar string inverter M125HV series Generation 2, an updated version of its its popular 140 kVA inverterfor large ground-mounted photovoltaic arrays. The M125HV Gen2 offers the same maximum output of its predecessor but now operates at a quieter 71.5 dB(A) level while still offering peak efficiency of 99.1 percent.

Strong performance, lower noise

The M125HV Gen2 accommodates input voltages ranging between 860 and 1500 volts DC with a maximum sporadic voltage of 1600 volts. Up to 20 strings can be attached via Amphenol connectors, for instance as part of utility-scale ground-mounted installations. The peak efficiency of 99.1 percent ensures high yields. By accepting high input voltages, the latest Delta inverter can reduce the amount of current cables must transport, which allows installers to use smaller gauge wire and minimize energy loss.

“The M125HV Gen2 includes everything that made the Gen1 so popular with customers but is even quieter now,” said Andreas Hoischen, Senior Director, Business Unit Photovoltaic Inverters for Delta EMEA.

Rugged, safe, durable
Intelligent cooling combines natural convection with quieter active ventilation. The M125HV Gen2 is IP65-rated and uses Type-2 surge protection devices on the input and output sides. By avoiding the use of electrolytic capacitors, a longer service life may be possible.

The M125HV Gen2 at a glance

  • 99.1 percent peak efficiency
  • As many as 20 strings via Amphenol connectors
  • Remote control and monitoring via Fieldbus
  • Type-2 surge protection preinstalled on the input and output sides
  • Aluminum housing with IP65 protection
  • Protection class II terminal box and robust screw terminals on AC side
  • All-in-one-design with two mechanical DC disconnectors
  • No electrolytic capacitors
  • Pro-EL (Electroluminescence) feature
  • Data point collection for string monitoring and I-V curve creation
  • Reactive power supplied 24/7
  • Anti-PID technology
  • Sunspec-compatible

The updated M125HV Gen2 inverter is available from Delta in Q1/2021 in selected European countries. 

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