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Podemcrane is one of the widely known global crane component supplier and leading manufacturer of industrial cranes in Bulgaria and the region. The company offers complex equipment and maintenance solutions for the lifting industry. Its high performancecrane components and cranes are widely used in various engineering industries in Bulgaria and around the world. High quality products and services that comply with international standards are a hallmark of the company. Podemcrane is the leader of the Balkan market of cranes and related services and a brand recognized worldwide.

Company profile
The company has been the leading supplier of crane components for the past 50 years. At Podemcrane tradition meets innovation. The company was established in 1961. Today it is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the region. Podemcrane AD was founded in February 2002. The company is a successor of the hoist production business of Podem, which used to be the biggest manufacturer of electric rope hoists in Central and Eastern Europe. Established in 1961 this business had sold more than 1,800,000 units of lifting equipment to 40 countries around the world which is an unprecedented number on the global scale. This number alone made the company the largest seller in history. However, during the post communist years the enterprise lost ground and the hoist production shrank to 2000 units per year. Needless to say this brought on financial losses. After the privatization in 2002, the new management undertook serious restructuring measures which included significant reduction of the production area, major technological upgrades, introduction of innovative design, which led to the overall supply chain and financial restructuring. Over the past 10 years the company has undergone significant changes. It invested in the upgrade of technology and equipment, overall production and supply chain organization, thus directly enhancing quality, capacity, as well as the culture of the organization. Today one of the main objectives of the company is to continue to develop its technology and implement the industry innovations at all levels. The company’s goal is to be the leading crane manufacturer and service supplier in the Balkan region. Podemcrane offers customers complex solutions in terms of lifting equipment and design, maintenance and repair services for the entire lifting industry. The company adds value to the businesses of its customers as it continuously improves and innovates the design, quality and manufacturing standards which ensure production of more efficiently performing cranes. Podemcrane consistently produces and supplies equipments which helps customers to enhance their productivity and profits and minimize downtime.

Innovative production processes
and high-tech
The company’s main production facilities are situated in Gabrovo. The overall area utilized by the enterprise is 30000 m2. Podemcrane uses modern machines and technologies to manufacture all components. All products and services are implemented in conformity with the integrated quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001:2007. In order to provide the highest quality, the company operates a modern testing laboratory, which is equipped with the most up-to-date solutions and tools to ensure precise control of incoming and outgoing materials and finished products. An experienced team of constructors watches over the production processes to make sure that all products comply with the contemporary standards. Podemcrane guarantees that its customers’ business will receive a reliable product at the best possible price. The company also offers engineering solutions adapted to clients’ individual needs. Another essential feature that distinguishes Podemcrane is product testing, which allows the company to offer new solutions to the market more rapidly in comparison to competition. The company continuously invests in development in order to expand the range of offered products and services and to improve its own and clients’ productivity. In addition to that Podemcrane significantly increased product groups, supplying complete crane kits to almost all industrial countries in the world. The company has become a major supplier of complete cranes and related services in the region of the Balkans. In order to achieve these outstanding results it was necessary to introduce a completely new management structure and approach. Implementation of the major technological and supply chain changes required higher quality of engineering and overall management. The introduction of ERP system in the company also required different system of management and production planning. The company took the steps to build a high performing, motivated team as it made investments in education, training and well-being of the employees. Being a successful and profitable enterprise Podemcrane provides job security and creates favourable conditions for employees.

Portfolio of brands and products
Podemcrane constantly expands the product and service range. The wide range of Podemcrane products has been designed with the principles of reliability, safety, durability, price, and minimal maintenance. The company has a close eye on the market in order to create the products that are in demand. In order to do so, the company monitors market trends and implements changes in a timely manner. The company’s main goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by adapting products and services to their needs. Podemcrane industrial cranes follow the latest innovations in the field of crane manufacturing. The company manufactures Industrial Cranes, Light Crane Systems, Wire Rope Hoists, Chain Hoists, Other crane components, Customized Cranes,. Industrial cranes division operates in Bulgaria and the Balkan region where products are offered directly to the end customers. The company offers a full range of equipment and support for the entire lifting industry. All products bear the CE mark for compliance with the health and safety requirements at European Union level - the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The main goal of Podemcrane is to become a reliable international supplier of crane components to the independent crane manufacturers around the world and to be the best full crane system and service provider in the region of the Balkans. These two major business lines operate under two different brands - Podem for the crane component business and Podemcrane for the crane business at the regional market of the Balkans. Currently, the company sells products in many regions around the world. The geographical diversification appears to be very important these days. Podemcrane is present in such markets as Iran, Poland, Spain, Italy, Russia, some countries of the Middle East, North Africa, the Far East are all very important for the company. Podem TM is a well respected business partner which invests in longstanding relationships. International sales are done through distributors. In some of the markets the company has own agents or joint ventures. This is done only in selected regions. As the company mainly grows organically it is very careful about that. Podemcrane exports the majority of products as the Bulgarian market is rather underdeveloped at this point. During the past 4-5 years that the Bulgarian companies have started to change their crane systems, but the process is heavily dependant on the EU funding. The service sector is underdeveloped as well. However the company is working hard and it is proud to have 70-80 percent of the market for new cranes. Podemcrane is a clear market and technology leader in the Bulgarian market. Podemcrane’s success has been shaped by its constant drive for innovation. The company managed to win the trust of customers thanks to professionalism, innovation and high quality products. Today, Podemcrane heavily invests in innovative technologies, improving production performance, quality management and manufacturing processes. Constantly evolving technologies and complex engineering projects are key factors, which directly influence the company’s market reputation and business growth.

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