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Outotec and Orbite Aluminae have agreed to terms for a project related to the Canadian company's new plant to process high purity alumina. The scope of delivery for Outotec involves both basic and detail engineering as well as providing fluidized bed technology with special Outotec equipment for decomposing and calcining high purity alumina. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the contract value.


Orbite's facility is being built in Cap-Chat, Quebec. The basic raw material in the new process is aluminous clay. High purity alumina is used in a variety of high-end technology applications. Half of the world's annual production of ultra-pure alumina goes into producing synthetic sapphire which is used in fiber optics and, more recently, in LED lighting for home and automotive markets. It is also essential in various new applications in the electronics industry.


Prior to the announcement of this new collaboration between the two companies, Outotec and Orbite had already been working together on another project for the smelter-grade alumina hydrochloric acid-based plant. Two factors involved in Orbite's decision to reward Outotec the new project are the fact that it has proven to be a reliable technology provider and its long-standing reputation as a company capable of executing challenging projects similar to the upcoming work to be performed.


"This project is a perfect example of how Outotec is prepared to meet the highly specialized needs of our customers, such as Orbite's requirements of innovative and clean technology.  Not only have we been developing benchmark technologies for more than a century, but we also partner with customers who have unique requirements to meet their goals, and that is why we have remained leaders in the various industries we serve," explains Outotec CEO Pertti Korhonen.


"We are proud to team up with Outotec, a recognized leader in their field. Their expertise will contribute to a fast deployment of our first commercial plant for high purity alumina," commented Richard Boudreault, president and CEO of Orbite.

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