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Outstanding loading capacity and diverse combination options

- Lowest dead weight per axle line in the modular vehicle segment

- Combination capability of the slab deck with other Combi series vehicles reduces investment costs

The heavy-load and national and international logistics providers, Zagrebtrans, relies on platform vehicles from the UltralightCombi series from SCHEUERLE for transporting components for the energy industry. The decisive argument for the purchase decision was the outstanding loading capacity of the UltralightCombi as well as the compatibility of the loading area with other vehicles of the modular Combi series from SCHEUERLE.

Zagrebtrans, headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, has expanded its fleet of vehicles through the addition of an UltralightCombi transport combination from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the internationally active Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) belonging to the Otto Rettenmaier.

entrepreneurial family. "The decisive factor for the investment was the technical sophistication of the product and the particularly favourable dead weight per axle line in this vehicle segment," explained Davor Radenić, Technical Manager at Zagrebtrans. Depending on the version, the lightweight transport modules of the UltralightCombi series are available with a dead weight of around 2.2 tonnes per axle line.

Transport of components for the energy industry

The Zagreb-based heavy-load and national and international logistics providers is using a combination consisting of four UltralightCombi modules from which a 5+7 combination can be configured. Between the five axle lines at the front and up to seven axle lines on the rear platform vehicle modules there is a slab deck featuring a loading length of 8,000 millimetres in the low deck. This combination allows a payload of around 120 tonnes with a dead weight of 46.3 tonnes. With the help of the UltralightCombi, Zagrebtrans transports mainly large but relatively light components for the energy industry. This includes transformers as well as the relatively lighter components of wind power installations.

Long-standing business relationship with SCHEUERLE based on trust

The decision to purchase was also based on the long-standing relationship of trust between Zagrebtrans and SCHEUERLE. "We had already gained positive experiences with various transport solutions from SCHEUERLE. Our fleet already includes 72 axle lines of the FlatCombi series", reported Radenić. With the FlatCombi platform vehicles, which have a very low loading height, Zagrebtrans transports particularly heavy and high wind turbine components such as turbine housings, the so-called nacelles. The combination capability of the slab deck allows the heavy-load logistics operator to use it either in combination with UltralightCombi modules as well as with the FlatCombi transport platforms. The compatibility of the loading area module with other Combi series vehicles is a major advantage for Radenić. It saves Zagrebtrans additional investment in special equipment.

Lightweight design saves money when granted special permits

Zagrebtrans also saves money regarding the approval procedure for heavy goods transport. In this respect, this is covered by a special regulation in Croatia. Here the fee for granting the approval is calculated depending on the total load and transport route. The weight-optimised UltralightCombi clearly has an advantage over heavier transport solutions.

No compromise on safety despite the lightweight construction

With axle line loads of twelve tonnes at 80 km/h, the platform vehicles of the UltralightCombi series are suitable for transporting large but relatively light loads on public roads. Construction machinery, components for wind turbines, containers, transformers and crawler crane components are typical loads. Another advantage of the series is the easy handling. For example, the front bogie unit can be removed for loading operations so that, for instance, self-propelled machines can drive onto the low-deck trailer from the front by means of a flat ramp. With a width of 2.55 meters, the UltralightCombi fully complies with EC standards and road traffic licensing regulations. However, the operator does not have to compromise on safety regarding wider transport platforms. The UltralightCombi has an identical support span as 3 m-wide vehicles.

One series – numerous variants

The UltralightCombi modular platform vehicles are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-axle versions. The modular design of the UltralightCombi vehicles facilitates use as a trailer and semi-trailer as well as a bolster or low-bed combination. The UltralightCombi axle lines score with a particularly favourable payload-dead weight ratio. Available equipment options include excavator, slab and frame decks as well as crane and wind tower adapters.

Technical data


UltralightCombi U10 semi-trailer combination with 5 + 7 axles as well as slab deck

Dead weight

46,300 kg


80 km/h SL1*

80 km/h SL2*

25 km/h

Payload, ca.

116,330 kg

119,200 kg

147,660 kg

Total weight, approx.

162,630 kg

165,500 kg

193,960 kg


18,630 kg

21,500 kg


Tyres/type/axle line load

245/70 R 17.5/12,000 kg (14,000 kg at 25 km/h)

Tyres per axle line


Centre distance

1,500 mm

Axle compensation

+/- 325 mm

Overall lift height

650 mm

Length/width of vehicle

30,745 mm / 2,550 mm

Length/width of front module

7,500 mm / 2,550 mm

Length/width of rear module

10,500 mm / 2,550 mm

Loading length/width in the low-deck vehicle

8,000 mm / 2,550 mm

Height min./driving position

865 mm / 1,190 mm

*Tractor with two or three axles.

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