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15 December 2011 at 10.00 am EET



Outokumpu has won a tender for supplying 350 tonnes of quarto plates for a fusion experiment project in Japan called JT-60SA. The mission of the JT-60SA project is to contribute to the early realisation of fusion energy by supporting the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project in identifying and exploring how to operate fusion power reactor plasmas in the demonstration electricity-generating power station (DEMO) that should follow ITER.


Theoretical advantages of fusing atoms, instead of splitting them as done in commercial reactors today, include a higher energy output per fuel unit used as well as almost radiation-free waste.


The stainless steel quarto plates, made out of low cobalt 304, will be used in the cylindrical section of the cryostat, which is the hull surrounding the main components of the Tokamak reactor. Fabrication of the cryostat vessel body cylindrical section will be done in Spain for Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).


Outokumpu has also earlier in April 2011 delivered some 355 tonnes of the same material to IDESA for the fabrication of the base of the same cryostat for CIEMAT (Centre for Energy-Related, Environmental and Technological Research) in Spain.


"Outokumpu has a long track-record in supplying stainless steel to the nuclear industry where projects have high standards for product safety and reliability. Stainless steel with low cobalt content is particularly used in core structures in nuclear equipment where, for example, corrosion resistance, permeability and cleanliness requirements are decisive", says Hirokuni Yoshida, head of Outokumpu sales office in Japan.


Construction and utilisation of the JT-60SA takes place in Naka, Japan under the Satellite Tokamak Programme (STP) as part of the Broader Approach agreement signed between Japan and European Atomic Energy agency.


For more information, please contact


Hirokuni Yoshida, General Manager, Outokumpu K.K., tel. +81 3 54498311, mobile +81 90 32031041


Erik Johansson, Product Manager, Outokumpu S.A., tel. +34 933238134, mobile +34 609888446







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