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ÅF has won a substantial follow-up order for an ongoing hydropower project at the Nant de Drance power station in Switzerland. (ÅF reported its success in securing the initial order for the project, which is worth 27 million euros, in September 2009. For details, please see 


The additional order is worth a further 15 million euros for ÅF.


Following a decision to increase the capacity of the power plant from 600 MW to 900 MW, ÅF has been contracted to work with additional services within the areas of design project management and construction services.


The client is NdD SA, a joint venture between Switzerland's largest power utility ALPIQ, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the Swiss regional power utility FMV. The new hydropower plant at Nant de Drance is scheduled to be operational in 2017.


ÅF's reference portfolio for consulting services currently includes projects for some 300 hydropower plants and more than 100 dam constructions in over 30 countries.



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