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Linx Printing Technologies has developed a specialist ink for the cable and wire market.  The new Linx White cable ink 1320 offers excellent adhesion to all types of polyethylene (PE) while providing effective standout on darker products.

The many different varieties of PE create a challenge for printing inks and typically, in order for them to adhere to the material and avoid removal by rubbing or scratching, initial treatment of the surface is required by methods such as heat, corona or plasma, which raises the surface polarity and improves adhesion.  However, this requires an additional process on the production line which is often not appropriate or convenient.

Linx’s unique ink formulation eliminates this requirement and is able to deliver a clear code that is difficult to remove and also withstands transference during cable winding applications.

The Linx White cable ink 1320 can be used with the Linx 7900 Spectrum CIJ printer which features a 75 micron printhead.  The 7900 Spectrum is specifically designed for continual, reliable coding with pigmented inks.  In addition the printer does not need mechanical stirrers or factory air, keeping cost and maintenance to a minimum.

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