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Whether handling detergents, paint buckets or barrels on pallets - the high-capacity packaging system BEUMER stretch hood efficiently covers all kinds of products with a highly stretchable film hood, while fulfilling the requirements that are specific to the industry: In case of outdoor storage the goods are protected from environmental influences such as sunlight, soil and moisture. When using a non-transparent film, the goods are protected from prying eyes. If designed as an inliner, the film hood prevents the goods from coming in contact with the transport container. In this context, BEUMER Group also presented the world's first Easy Opening film hood: Users can remove the film easily and quickly without any cutting tool. At CeMAT, BEUMER presented this versatility with different demo pallets.

The BEUMER stretch hood A is the result of the intralogistics specialist completely redesigning its tried-and-trusted packaging system.During its development, BEUMER specialists analysed various components and combined them optimally in terms of function, arrangement and ergonomics. This includes a soft-touch panel that guides the user intuitively through the machine control menu as well as material-friendly transport of the film in the machine. Its throughput is higher and its floor space is reduced by more than 40 % compared to previous types of this machine series. Gregor Baumeister, who manages the palletising and packaging technology business group at BEUMER Group in Beckum since October 2015, explains: "There had not been a packaging system for pallets on the market, that did not require the operator to open the film with a cutting tool." From now on, it will be easier for employees in retail stores or logistic centres to unpack or repack goods. With common opening methods, employees may cut themselves with the cutting tools or even damage the products. Baumeister knows the industry: "This can be expensive for companies and, of course, increases the risk of accidents." In order to find a solution, BEUMER has developed a technology that allows the film to be opened along a precise tear line. By using the Easy Opening, employees can tear the film hood easily and quickly without any tools being required, increasing the unpacking productivity significantly.

Various requirements - one machine

"At CeMAT we did not only showcase this innovative solution", says Gregor Baumeister. "Above all we wanted to show the variety of markets in which our machines are used." The BEUMER stretch hood A is used by clients from the cement, construction and chemical industry, as well as in the consumer goods market and logistics sector. Every industry has its own requirements. In cooperation with the Sales Department, the developers have analysed various customers' specifications and system requirements: "To this end, we brought clients, as well as packaging and pallet manufacturers on board", explains Baumeister. The result is a packaging system with a very attractive price/performance ratio and a high throughput. It requires little space, is highly flexible and offers an easy operating and maintenance concept. BEUMER showcased different demo pallets with a variety of products at the stand.

Efficient use for commerce

When it comes to commerce, BEUMER stretch hood A is an efficient solution for securely packaging consumer goods for transport and storage. Baumeister says: "We showcased a mixed product pallet of the large drugstore chain dm as well as a pallet stacked with detergents." When food and consumer goods are palletised, the film hood must guarantee product protection. An increasingly important aspect is tamper protection: Unauthorised persons cannot take goods from the pallet without damaging the film.

In order to guarantee protection during transport and load stability, the stretch film adapts to any product that is stacked on the pallet. The film is very stretchable during the packaging process and the contracting forces in the film keep the goods tight together. Since no heat is used in the packaging process, contrary to the shrink wrapping, the film cannot glue to the product.

The pallet can be packed for high-bay storage systems, with understretch, various base reinforcements, as well as with package sleeves. Thanks to the high transparency of the film, the packed goods are clearly visible and barcode labelling is quickly and consistently recognisable. Logos and text can also be printed on the film to be used as an advertising medium. A sheet placed on the pallet offers additional protection against external influences on six sides of the stacked goods. It allows for clean and dry outdoor storage of industrial products, as goods are reliably protected against environmental impacts, humidity, insects and UV rays. Baumeister adds: "In addition, stretch hooding has a very high throughput and packs at least 200 pallets per hour."

Stretch hood in a metal container?

Yes, that is possible! For example if the contents are not to come in contact with the surface of the container. This is the case for lubricants and adhesives, antifreezes, resins, brake cleaners, as well as for bulk material such as pellets. The inside of the container is lined with a film hood. To showcase this, BEUMER had prepared a metal container on a pallet.

"We also had two other pallets", says Baumeister. "On one, we packaged buckets for construction material, on the other, we presented a non-transparent film. The demand for this is steadily increasing especially for high-priced goods, such as spirits, or high-quality consumer goods such as razor blades.

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